Home Wi-FI and UBB: better quality of service


The quality of the home network and Wi-Fi is crucial for the overall quality of the service provided by the operator and perceived by the end user. A perceived low quality can have significant consequences on the Service Provider business such as:

  • increase in the abandonment rate, as customers consider the option of changing the manager, in search of better quality
  • less use of premium services, as customers are less incentivized to use new value-added services
  • high costs on technical assistance services, contacted more often by users with greater use of time and resources for problem solving

For this reason, it is strategic for Service Providers who offer ultra-broadband internet connections at home to equip themselves with tools capable of ensuring an increase in the quality of Wi-Fi connections in the Home Network of their customers.
Italtel has created a Home Wi-Fi QoE software solution to meet this need.

The solution is already adopted by a leading Italian telco operator for monitoring and analyzing data from home networks. Its technical assistance can now more effectively detect and diagnose problems relating to the customer experience in the use of home Wi-Fi in Ultra Broadband access.


The Home Wi-Fi QoE solution allows you to:

  • monitor the spread of the signal
  • measure the packets exchanged or lost with the various devices
  • check the correct setting of the modem according to the characteristics of the connected devices and the traffic exchanged

Home Wi-Fi QoE early identifies any anomalies and enables proactive notifications to the user who owns the modem, such as the suggestion to change the modem carrier frequency, use a cable connection to the device with which they have been registered significant traffic volumes, and so on.

The measurements generated by Home Wi-Fi QoE allow multidimensional analysis on:

  • use of applications
  • quality with which they are used
  • variations that occur over time

The solution also enables proactive caring towards the end customer, anticipating any problems or failure reports.


Home Wi-Fi QoE allows you to extract value from data and thanks to this to improve efficiency, reduce costs, thus increasing the quality perceived by the user. This leads to an improvement in infrastructure performance and contributes to a possible increase in revenue for the operator thanks to greater customer loyalty and a reduction in churn.


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