Inserting automation logic in a telco network


Telco providers have to manage network infrastructures characterized by a high complexity due to the number of nodes, their different technology and the multitude of services, and therefore of data, which must be managed. Such a complex and articulated scenario has significant impacts on the provisioning and exercise costs of both the infrastructure and the services. For this reason, the evolution towards software defined networks that enable automation and orchestration logics of the network infrastructure is an inevitable strategic choice, aimed at making standard, controlled and fast the basic and advanced configuration (provisioning) and maintenance procedures.

A primary Italian telco operator has moved according to this line and with the support of Italtel has undertaken a long-term project for the inclusion of the automation logic of its network in the IP component. The project has a wide extension and is applied both to the more peripheral regional components distributed in the Italian territory and to the national backbone components.


The project mainly consists in the implementation of automated logics through dedicated platforms that act on the components of the IP and Transport network of the telco provider. These are software automata capable of performing coordinated and instantaneous operations on the various components of the network.
We have made our extensive skills in network infrastructures available to the telco operator to create a Network Automation solution that includes the implementation of:

network creation, modeling and configuration of new network nodes (physical and virtualized)
service creation, activation of IP services concerning the coordinated configuration of several network devices
smart operation, management and maintenance
More specifically, we have developed the use cases that automate the configuration process of new multi-technology network nodes, the onboarding of existing ones, and the configuration of L2VPN and L3VPN type services to create connections dedicated to business, consumer, radio accesses (antennas).


The adoption of fully automatic procedures for network configuration and management brings wide benefits. Thanks to the implementation of the Network Automation solution, the telco operator can in fact:

  • implement maintenance more quickly and manage network updates with standard and uniform configurations
  • plan and implement massive changes in the network from a single management point
  • easily monitor the state of the network, always updated, making preliminary and punctual analyzes of the machines superfluous

This ensures bandwidth and latency performance levels consistent with the service SLA required by the application and ultimately by the end user. The greater simplicity of network management translates into better quality of service.


We carried out the design of the entire project with the role of system integrator with our competence center which guaranteed the end-to-end management of the service.

As for the methodological aspect, we work alongside the customer to understand their needs and create the most suitable solution by fielding the best experts able to work on environments and platforms of different technologies. The skills and partnerships we have built in our past and recent history are the guarantee of the best technological solution.

In particular, in this project, the experience in changing releases and loading patches and new performances has played an important role and has been greatly appreciated by the telco operator, for example for the implementation of the access list updating procedures, a frequent operation that made manually costs resources and time. Once centralized, on the other hand, the advantage of implementation speed and greater consistency on nodes and services is obtained.


Digital transformation is not simply a technology decision, it requires the right mix of technology, people, skills and areas of expertise. Here’s what this automation solution required:


Thanks to our agile approach to software development and solution engineering we can:

  • solve your toughest challenges by leveraging our experts in implementing complex custom applications that deliver real value
  • improve your ability to respond quickly to market changes and take advantage of new technologies
  • support your development teams by training them on techniques and processes to generate quality and easily maintainable solutions.

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