Iot and environment: the monitoring of wood fires


The news of these days reminds us that wood fires are a serious and constant threat not only for our territory.
The Municipality of Carini, of the Metropolitan city of Palermo in Sicily, of 38,800 inhabitants, has decided to invest in the monitoring and prevention of wood fires in its territory. The attention of the Municipal Administration towards these frequent phenomena, especially in summer, is very high and this has made the collaboration with Italtel particularly fruitful for the adoption of the forest fire prevention system, created as part of RE-ACTOR, a project born from the collaboration between Italtel and the Municipality of Carini.
In fact, the technologies available today help to promptly detect fire outbreaks, collect useful data to make correct assessments, direct intervention actions.


RE-ACTOR improves the reliability and effectiveness of the territorial control system
RE-ACTOR allows you to act in a timely manner by automatically reporting the need for intervention to the competent authorities.
RE-ACTOR transmits to the traffic police operations center only the data relating to possible dangerous events. This reduces the need for a wide transmission band for the lookout towers that house the cameras.
Consequently, the system does not require complex network infrastructure with the advantage of reduced related costs.


The wood fire monitoring project has as its objective the timely detection of fire outbreaks, through comparisons of images obtained from pivoting thermal imaging cameras, and the reporting of the specific environmental conditions that may favor the onset, as well as allowing to simulate, using the environmental data collected, the probable evolution of an existing fire, determining the area that could be involved and reporting potential critical issues.
The system is able to identify fire outbreaks in areas of less than half a square meter, with latency times of a few minutes and a reliability of over 95% in a detection range of approximately 5 km for each thermal imager. Purchased data from thermal imaging cameras is processed locally, at the edge of the network.
RE-ACTOR detects any tampering with the system and anomalies or failures of the power system, thermal analysis, data transmission system. Furthermore, the data analysis allows to obtain information on the danger levels of the possible occurrence of a fire in relation to the weather conditions detected, on the historical distribution of fire outbreaks, with relative photographic documentation and on active outbreaks with geolocation of events.


The RE-ACTOR project is based on Italtel’s IoT platform which is the center of the collaboration between the company and the Palermo Municipality.

Each sighting tower is equipped with a single pivoting thermal imaging camera alternative to the classic fixed camera array: this, combined with the fact that each thermal imaging camera is equipped with an automatic system for cleaning the shooting lens, allows to contain prevention costs and energy requirements.

In addition to monitoring fires, RE-ACTOR is an IoT project that finds applications in other aspects of the protection and safety of the territory such as monitoring of underpass flooding and also in the energy and environment sector with applications on the subject waste management and separate collection.

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