Network Security Assessment


An important Italian insurance company with offices in over 10 European countries entrusts Italtel with the assessment of the level of adequacy of the network infrastructure defenses.

Creating a Network Security Assessment allows you to have an overall picture of the network infrastructure and the security status of your company. An accurate Network Security Assessment is essential to highlight any corrective actions to protect your infrastructure. Knowing your network is the first step to ensure effective cybersecurity.


Italtel provided the Network Security Assessment and Advisory service, carrying out the infrastructural analysis with a focus on network security not only of the Italian office, but also extending it to the networks of the foreign offices, in the more than 10 European countries where the principals are present. of the company.

The company is articulated both geographically and organizationally: each European office has a Data Center, Campus, local agencies distributed throughout the territory, a domestic WAN network, a network for interconnection to other offices located in other countries. With the network security assessment, the company benefits from the rationalization of the information obtained, as well as from the availability of an intervention plan to adapt the network protection status to the expected level.

In fact, the Network Security Assessment operated by Italtel offers a high-profile consulting service, making use of a rigorous methodology which, through questionnaires and in-depth interviews with the representatives of the group’s offices involved, collects all the necessary information, proceeds with their analysis. and subsequently applies the best practices to secure the network indicating, where necessary, any improvements.

Different teams of the insurance company are involved in this activity and Italtel has also played a coordinating role in the articulated organizational structure of the network and security technical teams to conduct the analyzes, with periodic comparisons and a discursive methodology aimed at analysis-verification-comparison-action.

For further information about Italtel’s offer, visit the cyber security page.

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