Network transformation for a telco provider of Western Asia


With the increase in demand for multimedia services and the consequent request for an increase in available bandwidth, Telco Providers transform their networks, adapting the transport and fixed access infrastructures.

A digital and telco leader located in a country in Western Asia tackles a 3-years project of evolution of its networks and services, making them evolve from the previous TDM to the most recent technologies.

The Network Transformation project includes:

  • Migration of 3.8 million of subscribers managed by TDM class 5 switches
  • Migration of class 4 network
  • Service migration ensuring the feature parity between the two networks

The Asian Telco Provider selected Italtel as Global Migration Consultant with the overall responsibility on the migration project from legacy TDM to a Next Generation Network. With its role, Italtel realizes a simplification of the management of this complex project for the customer, as it provides an abstraction and orchestration layer between the teams of the several technology suppliers on one side and the network management staff of the Telco Provider on the other side.


Complex projects can struggle, or even fail for whatever reason. One of the most important aspects of successfully complete such projects is the presence of a single point responsibility for the project, namely Italtel.
The Asian Telco Provider can benefit from the experience and expertise of Italtel, that is accountable for the whole migration process:
migration strategy definition
assessment, gap analysis and improvement plan for readiness of processes, people, technologies and businesses
project management of the migration, carried out by the Telco Provider and by technology suppliers
network integration (validation, interoperability, etc.)
coordination of all migration steps
update assurance processes during handover phase
support in tuning Claim Management procedures
support in defining schedule, contents, attendees, prerequisites, etc of the training program
training on the job during the migration
Change Control: this procedure is supporting any processing of changes and enabling traceability of changes
Acting as an orchestration layer among all the teams involved in the migration project, Italtel assures timeline and requested SLA managing the collection, assessment, engineering, planning and coordination of all tasks.


The Asian Telco Provider considers the Advanced Migration Services team in Italtel as the most reliable repository of experience and skills in complex projects able to assess, plan, coordinate, execute and re-organize the different platforms, software, solutions realized with a variety of technologies and coming from different vendors. As a demonstration of the customer satisfaction, Italtel is assigned a second contract, confirming its role of orchestration and its excellence in engineering services.

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