New data centres for a major Italian PA organisation


The construction and digital transformation of public administration data center infrastructures is one of the cornerstones of the Italia Digitale 2026 plan, which has as its general objective the relaunch of Italy’s competitiveness and productivity.
In this context, a large body of the Italian Public Administration has launched an ambitious project to upgrade its IT infrastructures. In particular, the aim of the project is to strengthen and innovate the central IT infrastructures of the entity, make them interconnected and ensure their operational continuity and Disaster Recovery.
Italtel supports the PA in this process of digitization, innovation and strengthening of cybersecurity.

Italtel builds the infrastructure of the new data centers of a large body of the Italian PA


The project envisages a new integrated structure consisting of three Data Centers.
The three Data Centers are located in different places, but constitute a single interconnected pole, with full infrastructural integration of the elements and logical separation, by means of appropriate software configurations.

The project also allows the strengthening of the perimeter protection and access security component, based on Cisco and Fortinet technology, enabling the gradual decommissioning of obsolete IT systems and the use of virtualization technologies for processing platforms.

The project, due to its complexity and size, represents for us a prestigious reference in the design and construction of network and Data Center infrastructures. We work alongside the customer, designing and putting the solution into operation so that operational continuity was ensured”. Giovanni Salerno, Head of the Public and Private Sector of Italtel.


The data center modernization and central infrastructure renovation project is of crucial importance for increasing the security and performance of our customer’s infrastructures and services.


The project was the subject of a call for tenders, assigned to a RTI, of which Italtel was awarded a significant component equal to approximately 30% of the construction. The activities carried out by Italtel involve the customer’s three central Data Centers and are related to the design, installation and construction of the internal network of the Data Centers and of the geographical one that unites them, with particular attention to the security aspects of the network.
Italtel has completed the construction of the infrastructure for the migration and technological renewal of the three new Data Centers. The migration of traffic flows is currently being completed, which Italtel will manage until 2024. Italtel will now be engaged in the migration of data traffic flows to the three new infrastructures and this will take place in total continuity of operation, i.e. the customer to be able to provide their services because the migrations will take place in a controlled and planned way.
With this project, Italtel demonstrates that it has the skills to play an important role in the construction and digital transformation of the data center infrastructures of the Public Administration. The digitization, innovation and security of the PA is one of the areas of intervention on which Italtel is focused, in addition to ultra broadband networks, digital health and business 4.0.
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