New digital contact center for a major italian utility


Exploiting multi-channel to improve the relationship with the customer and the customer experience

A long-standing, major Italian utility with an international presence, chooses Italtel’s WebRTC product to provide its customers with an additional real-time relationship mode, in addition to the Contact Center currently used. The new service reproduces on the online channel a mode of immediate audio / video interaction with the customer, with considerable advantages in several respects.
To support its growing business, the multinational has chosen to enhance the points of contact with end customers by introducing this new Contact Center service, which allows to shift customer interaction from expensive traditional channels to more effective digital channels and to improve the Customer Experience with “collaborative” audio / video assistance, which does not require the end customer to install any software on their devices.


An audio / video contact with a simple click

The solution, thanks to the integration via REST API, made it possible to create and insert an additional versatile, simple and immediate communication channel within the customer assistance service and a collaborative level of audio / video assistance to reduce time and improve customer management.

For the design and implementation of the solution, Italtel also provided specific engineering services to support the customer's technical structures, both for aspects relating to the integration of the solution on the network and for its operation and maintenance.

Customer care: a major italian utility chooses italtel technology for its new digital contact center


WebRTC integration with the Contact Center

The solution chosen by the customer is based on the Italtel Embrace product, consisting of two functional units:

our Application Server Embrace WebRTC, to allow voice, video and data communications in real time, providing high quality connections even in the most difficult network conditions, using a common navigation browser, using the service based on WebRTC technology (Web Real Time Communication)

our NetMatch-S Cloud Inside Session Border Controller, for IP-to-IP interconnection with other different multiprotocol IP domains, such as that of the existing Contact Center. NetMatch-S, in particular, is a key element in the dialogue between the WebRTC domain and the VoIP network of the large utility, also enabling inter-work between the different platforms in place.


Improving the customer experience

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an even stronger need for public, private and utilities companies to give quick and timely responses to their customers and citizens, to increase accessibility through multi-channels and to simplify contact methods removing the constraint to install applications on your device.
Italtel’s solution has proven effective in achieving these objectives and improving the customer experience.

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