Preventive monitoring with statistical models and Machine Learning


Predictive monitoringPreventive monitoring allows companies to anticipate the need for repairs on components before they fail. For this reason, a dynamic and experienced engineering company, focused on the production of combustion and testing equipment for the semiconductor industry, has equipped itself with a system to interpret the signals coming from the machines in real time.


The solution is connected to the Burn-In machines to automate the interpretation of machine logs, collect data and historical series.
The system uses linear and non-linear models through neural networks.
The Dashboard displays a selection of KPIs capable of providing a complete overview of the progress of maintenance processes
• Availability of Alerts that report maintenance interventions, reducing downtime and unexpected failures
• defect reduction thanks to preventive monitoring
• accurate real-time log analysis
Italtel provides the whole solution and the specific consulting in Data Analytics for the definition of statistical models and Machine Learning.

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