SD-WAN and cyber security for a company in the food sector


Improvement of productivity and efficiency and business growth are the results obtained by companies in every sector that are committed to technological innovation and in particular by digital transformation, especially as regards network connectivity and cyber security. In fact, a fast and secure network connection is today an indispensable condition for all business activities.
A large Italian company operating in the food sector with a very long history and a leading role is well aware of this. This company has in fact invested in the renewal of its network to make it faster and safer and has relied on Italtel to carry out the project.


The solution designed and built by Italtel provides for the updating of the terminals (Customer Premises Equipment) and of connectivity, the improvement of WAN performance and the replacement of the existing Firewalls in two Data Processing Centers (star center) and in the company premises.
The solution is based on Cisco Meraki a hardware and software suite that allows to implement complex hybrid networks, wired and wireless, and manage everything centrally from the Cloud.


Improvement of the User Experience
Containment of operating costs
Single dashboard to manage WAN and security policies


Italtel has made all its experience and system integration skills available to the company. Together with the customer, Italtel has evaluated the best technologies and suppliers available on the market to create the most suitable solution for the specific needs of the company.
Italtel, in addition to providing the Meraki SD-WAN and Security solution based on MX appliance, provided its professional engineering services for the activities of architectural design, delivery, migration and installation in the field and Technical Assistance of TAC 2.

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