Vulnerability Management for a large banking institution


In a pervasively digitized world that creates infinite opportunities, cyber risk has become one of the points of greatest attention on the tables of banking boards. The main security threat to the finance world is represented by malware, increasingly aggressive and constantly evolving, responsible for data breaches and damage in the millions.

Banks have now established a culture of security, which translates into integrated plans, which include threat prevention activities, such as Vulnerability Management, and risk reassessment.

Vulnerability Management is a fundamental element to guarantee the security of IT systems. Vulnerability Management identifies, through a continuous and planned process, the parts of the system that may be weak in terms of security and must be included in a broader security policy.

A large Italian bank has chosen Italtel to perform security checks with Vulnerability Management activities on its systems, from network servers to applications, to networking and security equipment (WAF, firewall, IDS / IPS).


Hardening controls
Vulnerability Assessmen
Penetration Testing
Risk Analysis
Threat Intelligence
Internal IT security bulletins

Vulnerability Management is a fundamental element to guarantee the security of IT systems


Reduction of internal threats
Increase in IT security
Increase in efficiency
The constant process of detection, analysis, classification and control of the vulnerability posture of the entire infrastructure and risk analysis has led to an overall reduction of internal threats together with a significant increase in IT security, without any impact on the functioning of the infrastructure. In addition, following the introduction of the new Vulnerability Management tool, the institute has found a significant increase in efficiency, optimizing the use of staff engaged in Vulnerability Assessment.


Through the Blue Team Services, Italtel provided Vulnerability Management services in the Advisory Security Services area thanks to which the customer was able to eliminate or mitigate the risks of IT exposure, reducing, protecting and strengthening the attack surface over time.

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