To mark the change of pace and the birth of the new Italtel, we have designed a restyling of the logo. We wanted it to be more dynamic, fresh and incisive than the previous one, while maintaining its recognizability, and to recall the three values that guide our new path: innovation, inclusion, sustainability.

The biggest novelty is the use of colors. The trilobe uses three: blue for the sky, green which is the color of sustainability and the environment, yellow /gold which is in the color of the earth, positivity and sustainability. The symbol thins slightly but retains proportions and lines.

The lettering of the word Italtel goes from all uppercase to upper/lower case, uses a new font and is blue, a color that in the world of brands transmits reliability.

Together with the new corporate visual that we have designed, it represents a strong signal of restart and makes us distinctive compared to competitors.


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