The Voip Network of Enel, the Italian Electric Utility Company, to evolve with Italtel Technology

Italtel, with its technology and its capability for the integration of telecommunication systems, has been selected for the evolution of the IP network of Enel, a world leading Italian multi-utility. The VoIP network of Enel will be characterized by advanced unified communication services and extended to all the international branches of the electric utility company.

Enel, the Italian world leading electric utility company, has selected Italtel as a technology provider and system integrator for the different levels of development of their business telephone communication system: evolved Unified Communication services with full integration on a single device (fixed or mobile) of voice, data and video; interoperability with multivendor and multi-standard IP networks; convergence of fixed and mobile services; corporate network expansion at international level.

The Italtel Netmach-S Session Border Controller (SBC) is the core element of Italtel technology for the network of Enel. Italtel Netmach-S has been certified by Microsoft to interoperate with MS Lync 2013, the new Unified Communications & Collaboration system for enterprises’ and service providers’ networks.

Within the new IP network of Enel, Italtel NetMatch-S will enable several key network functions: full interoperability through SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signaling system with PBX business networks, with public telephony networks and with national and international IP networks; transrating / transcoding for the compression of transmission bit rate and for the conversion of different audio formats in order to ensure high quality reliable communications; centralized management of the corporate numbering plan for all Enel venues; reliability of IP interconnections through the use of secure communication protocols.

Italtel NetMatch-S SBC is highly scalable and can be inserted gradually and with flexibility in the infrastructure of Enel. Furthermore, it is designed to interoperate, in a reliable manner using standard protocols, with high-resolution video platforms. Also in a future perspective, the system will allow the convergent management of fixed and mobile devices within the enterprise communication network.

The system supplied, besides to including a very simple GUI, also incorporates a control and management system called i-NEM (Italtel Neutral Element Manager). i-NEM is the Network Management system able of implementing specific features such as Assurance, Configuration, Accounting, Security. The use of i-NEM is flexible and modular whatever is the network infrastructure: the Italtel system is, in fact, specifically designed to be hardware independent and portable across all platforms in RedHat Enterprise Linux technology.

In addition to typical SBC functions, NetMatch-S offers distinctive features which enable Enel to address complex scenarios of SIP trunking to the public network and interoperability among different Unified Communication & Collaboration systems such as:
• Routing intelligence: routing policies, DNS/ENUM and SIP method based routing, failure detection, traffic re-routing recovery
• Adaptive dynamic Media Termination Function: media anchoring and signaling decoupling, ring back tone generation
• video codec support H.263, H.264, MPEG-4
• fax transcoding

NetMatch-S is part of the Italtel NetMatch product line, the advanced network border layer, allowing rapid migration from legacy TDM to All-IP next-generation networks and IMS architecture, ensuring measurable differentiable Quality of Service (QoS) and secure network interconnection between traditional TDM, IP and 3G/4G networks. NetMatch-S is highly scalable and deployable both in Service Provider and Enterprise networks, thanks to various different product ‘editions’.

  • Lite Edition (LE), pure software edition based on virtual platform and running on Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) hardware. NetMatch-S LE scales perfectly from few sessions up to 4K sessions, preserving its distinctive features, and is ready for data centers and cloud environments
  • Compact Edition (CE), hardware edition based on standard ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) carrier-grade platform, with 2-slot shelf, scaling from 4K to 12K media sessions
  • Performance Edition (PE), hardware edition based on standard ATCA carrier-grade platform, with 14-slot shelf, scaling from 8K to 48K media sessions.
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