Towards 5G from research and market opportunities

Italtel participated at 5G Summit Trento, University of Trento, in the first time the event was organized in Italy. IEEE 5G Summits are organized by IEEE Communication Society within a strategic framework based on the principles that embrace Industry’s interests and priorities, while integrating IEEE and ComSoc’s objectives. This one day summit provided a platform for the industry leaders, innovators, and researchers from the industry and academic community to collaborate and exchange ideas in this emerging technology that may help in driving the standards and rapid deployment. To view complete details for this event, click here

Paolo Comi, Italtel Research and Innovation Manager, gave the talk about “Towards 5G from research and market opportunities“. During the talk, P.Comi presented a market analysis on the 5G (main aspects, innovations, timing) in order to identify the elements of major interest from an industrial point of view.

The discourse developed in the description of Italtel’s interests, identifying the technologies and services offered by the company for the reference market.

Finally, the method adopted by Italtel for the race towards 5G, i.e. Research and Innovation, is described, with a summary of the main aspects of 4G, 4G +, 5G showing what can be done now and what will be enabled in the future from the point of view of industrial interest.

With this work, Italtel provided an industrial point of view on 5G.

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