Vanguard EMS-Efficient and Suistanable manufacturing Mid-Term event

On June 29, Italtel took part in the Vanguard EMS-Efficient and Suistanable manufacturing Mid-Term event, which took place in Milan at Palazzo Pirelli.

Roberto Pinci, System Engineer, spoke on the topic: Italtel’s contribution to De-manufacturing

Since the advent of the digital system, Italtel has designed, manufactured and installed three generations of telephones exchanges: UT100, iMSS, NetMatch. In over 30 years, more than 24 million telephone lines has been installed in the world, requiring over 8 million of HW units (plates, shelves, frames); over 70% of them are still working.

Since 1980 all products are well identifiable: each blade has an identifying label to trace back all the information: BOM, components data sheet, PCB stack-up, assembly, mechanical design, estimation of value.

We have implemented an algorithm that reads the product label and connects the demanufacturing plant to the object’s information database to increase the process automation.

Our products are ready for de-manufacturing.

The value of our experience is designing and developing products and solutions for the Digital Revolution.

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