Watch the video – From observation to Earth monitoring

Technological innovations allow us to observe our planet in a revolutionary way.

Thanks to the knowledge of the principles of physics, the use of satellite instruments and the work of scientists, we can understand what is happening on Earth, observe climate change, collect data and prepare for future challenges.

The Exprivia | Italtel Group has studied a specific offer for the processing of satellite data, for the observation of planets and the Earth and for the activity of maritime traffic control using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality solutions to design, today, the aerospace activities of tomorrow!

To carry out projects of excellence, the Group has specific skills and technological innovations in the following solutions:

  • Situational Awareness Common Operational picture: from observation to monitoring the Earth
  • Maritime traffic Monitoring
  • Human-machine interaction Next Generation Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Georeferenced Cyber ​​Intelligence

Watch the video (6’ 42”)

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