Watch the video interviews – Exprivia’s and Italtel’s CEOs at MWC18

Now available the video interviews of the CEOs of Exprivia – Domenico Favuzzi – and Italtel -Stefano Pileri – during MWC18


Domenico Favuzzi, CEO of Exprivia, comments on the importance of this first joint international experience of Exprivia-Italtel at MWC. He explains that we want to play a role as protagonists in this phase of profound technological, economic and social transformation and be partners of our customers thanks to strong and integrated telecommunications and IT competences. Watch the video interview (4′ 31″)


Stefano Pileri, CEO of Italtel, talks about the contribution brought by Italtel to the new group in terms of competences and know how in telecommunication and networking. Networks are undergoing a transformation in a virtualized logic, and are becoming smarter to support new services and applications in 5G logic. Watch the video interview (3′ 50″)


Please visit, where we are posting videos taken directly from the Exprivia-Italtel booth at MWC18. We will regularly update this site through the next weeks with news about Exprivia-Italtel’s vision on digital transformation.

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