Wi-Fi Networks: Italtel completes its offer with Wi-Next solutions

Italtel and Wi-Next start a collaboration in the context of public Wi-Fi which is based on the capacity for innovation and on the expertise of both companies. Today the two partners bring to market tailor-made solutions for customers in terms of functionality and cost containment.

Italtel, a leader in the realization of next-generation networks and services and Wi-Next, an Italian company specialized in the production of equipment for Wi-Fi Mesh and Wi-Fi sensors networks, have signed an agreement aimed at enhancing their offers in the segment of public Hot Spot Wi-Fi through synergistic skills.

In recent years the demand has grown for public Wi-Fi networks, especially in the hospitality and retail industries. This demand is strongly favored not only by new less stringent legislation but also by the extraordinary diffusion of smart devices, both for private and business use, and by the growing awareness among operators of the new business opportunities of Wi-Fi Hot Spots, especially in the hospitality segment.

“Public Wi-Fi network is a market segment with specific needs and requiring a dedicated, comprehensive, innovative and customizable offer – said Maurizio Tondi, Head of Market Development EMEA at Italtel -. We selected Wi-Next as a partner for the completeness of its solutions and the ability to customize them. This enabled us to address market demand quickly. We are two Italian companies, and this is a further value element. I consider strategic for Italy and for the ICT sector to encourage investment in research and development and production of innovative systems of Italian companies”.

“We found a partner in Italtel highly complementary to our features – said Nicola De Carne, CEO of Wi-Next-. The experience and expertise that Italtel has gained in the segment of innovative communication networks are a distinctive competitive advantage that, alongside our strong commitment to innovation, will enable us to operate successfully together. The market for Wi-Fi networks offers significant areas of development that we want to seize also thanks to Italtel”.

Italtel has been operating for several years on the side of the integration of networks, systems and IT applications, data and information, with the aim of creating modern, reliable and secure solutions for businesses and the public administration. In the Wi-Fi segment, Italtel operates as well as by proposing Wi-Next solutions also as an integrator of innovative technologies and with excellent partners like Cisco to ensure data security and protect user identity.

Italtel offers system integration activities and after-sales technology services to provide customers with a single point of reference on all the issues of the network. Thanks to its Network Operation Center (NOC),Italtel is also able to deliver services of proactive monitoring and networks management based on Wi-Next technologies, thus offering customers the opportunity to reduce the complexity in the system by delegating comprehensive network management.

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