Workshop on Future ICT in Athens

Eightbells, an independent research and consultancy company, has organized the 1st Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT in Athens on May, 25 2022 . The goal for the participants is to explore ICT state of art, to learn more on technologies such as 5G/6G, Cybersecuirty, IoT and Cloud and to discover European funded research projects.

We have been invited to present our idea to approach the transition from research to innovation of future ICT market.  Our colleague Paolo Comi, Research and Innovation Manager in Italtel, is going to share that modern research and innovation activities need to cross organizational boundaries to reach a tangible and relevant impact on the Company and on the Society, having market as the final destination.  To make this journey it’s important to build a bridge between research ideas and market exploitation working in parallel from both sides.

For this reason, Italtel has created a Research and Innovation Lab following the Open Innovation paradigm to promote, at the same time, research and innovation with a new mindset and openness towards internal and external cooperation.

The event takes place physically in Athens between 09:00 – 18:00 (Greek time) and the participation is free.

For more info on the event:

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