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The R&I LAB conducts research on the most relevant international technological trends, develops innovative prototypes and exploits project results in order to achieve full impact on Citizen and Society through new products, solutions and services.

Dissemination of technological achievements is a relevant practice, as well as networking and relationships with ecosystem’s partners for promoting both research and business.

The R&I LAB also performs preliminary market explorations, contributes to activities of Open Source Communities and Standardization Bodies.


The model adopted by the R&I LAB is based on the Open Innovation paradigm to promote, at the same time, research and innovation with a new mindset and openness towards internal and external cooperation. We believe that modern research and innovation activities need to cross organizational boundaries to reach a tangible and relevant impact on the Company and on the Society.

Cooperation with Academic Institutions, Research Centers, Standardization Bodies, Startups, SMEs and Public Bodies are at the center of our interests.

The R&I LAB targets new concepts, as well as designing, developing and testing prototypes (iterating until the idea is fully executed – at least TRL 7), proof-of-concepts or trials.


The team is composed by administrative staff, technical project managers, researchers, innovation managers, and business developers. It leverages the knowledge of cutting-edge experts and consultants, as well as PhDs, internships, etc.

The R&I LAB constantly collaborates with the internal R&D departments.

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