Exprivia | Italtel at MWC19

The Exprivia | Italtel group is back again at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (25 – 28 February 2019), the world’s largest communication technology event where innovations are unveiled, products are launched, business is made, partners are forged and market insights are gained.
The Exprivia | Italtel group is one of the most relevant and dynamic companies in the Italian ICT and digital sector, born from the integration between Exprivia, a successful business project, and Italtel, an Italian technological jewel. The new group integrates skills and experience in the most advanced software applications (Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Security, etc.) to a unique know-how in the world of networks, communication infrastructures and data centers. Its ambition is to help speeding up the digital transformation of companies and public administrations in Italy and abroad through a catalog of cutting-edge offerings.


In Barcelona Exprivia | Italtel will show how to use the 5G network and artificial intelligence to offer the future in real time. The 5G will be the rouge file of our presence: a technology able to create speed, flexibility and agility on the networks to allow services and performances with greater reliability than today.

Exprivia | Italtel will present a preview of the main solutions in the following areas:

  • #SmartInfrastructures

    Exprivia | Italtel will present an integrated solution to monitor infrastructures like buildings, roads, railways, industrial plants and critical infrastructures integrating satellite measures and on ground sensors. The presented solution includes services coming from the Rheticus satellite monitoring system, and GeoGuard ground based monitoring system. The solution provides a timely and accurate knowledge of potential phenomena in progress over the infrastructure and the surrounding areas, an essential information tool to increase efficiency and reduce risks. It is designed for professionals, engineers and organizations involved in the design and maintenance of infrastructures, civil construction, in civil protection or in the insurance sector.


  • #DigitalOperations

    Drive Your Network Anywhere with SOFIA.
    Get back the control of your infrastructure OPEX cost.

    Flyer – Digital Operations (1.357 KB)

    Work Force Management

  • #SmartManufacturing

    The exchange of data between different environments (plants production systems and ERP applications) and their analysis is an important source for  studying, optimizing and innovating the production process and increasing competitiveness. Italtel proposes a solution which allows a SAP ERP system to dialogue with an industrial production machine through the use of the Cisco Kinetic platform.

    Flyer – Smart Factory with Fanuc (423 KB)

    Flyer – Connected Factory (292 KB)

    Press Release – Exprivia | Italtel, Cisco, Fanuc and Elettric80 present collaborative robot (213 KB)

  • #DigitalHealth

    eLifeCare is the Telemedicine platform that hosts the set of solutions and services provided by Exprivia for Teleconsulting, Tele reporting, Telepresence and Tele monitoring to support all operators involved in the care and monitoring of the patient at home.

    Flyer – eLifeCare (472 KB)

  • #DigitalTrust

    Blockchain technology provides by design the requirements of security, confidentiality, non-repudiation and immutability of the data entered. These features are highly functional if applied to Number Portability solutions and together with i-RPS they contribute to solve many issues in current solutions and bring many benefits.

    Flyer – i-RPS and Blockchain Number Portability (284 KB)

    Press Release – Exprivia | Italtel debuts first blockchain-based solution for Number Portability (240 KB)

  • #SmartCities

    Digital Future is a general model for the «Internet of Everything» interaction paradigm

    Flyer – Smart Factory over Digital Future (472 KB)

  • #SmartWorking

    Smart working is a new organizational model that relates people, spaces and objects to business processes in order to develop agile interactions, from anywhere at any time with any platform, fundamental for business development and company profitability.

    Interaction between workers and collaborative platforms through artificial intelligence, automated assignment of the workplace, control and optimization of network loads, monitoring of the real use of company resources, access automation, analytics, are some of the services implemented through Netwrapper-Platform for Smart working.

    Flyer – Smart Working with Netwrapper Platform (389 KB)

  • #5G

    Offering own gained expertise on the mobile networks and leveraging the fruitful collaboration with Cisco, Exprivia | Italtel has designed a complete 5G Solution (including 5G Core, MEC, Mobile X-Hauling, NFV Orchestration, SDN Control and Data Center infrastructure) opened to whatever RAN which supports 3GPP standard interfaces.

    Flyer – Exprivia | Italtel in the 5G era (568 KB)

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