Energy and Transportation

How to face the environmental and climate challenge in the Energy & Utilities and Transport sectors?
The global market requires a new approach to the energy and utilities industry, driven by infrastructures converted with “clean”, interconnected and intelligent technologies. The Transportation sector, which includes means of transport and infrastructure, is also undergoing a profound transformation through the green economy and its technologies.
The changes are triggered by factors such as the obsolescence of systems, the arrival of technologies such as 5G, IoT and Big Data, the growing attention to sustainability and environmental issues and the need to optimize the safety and efficiency of infrastructures.
The theme of the ecological transition is so important that one of the lines of action of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan is dedicated to it, which aims to strengthen and digitize the network infrastructures to enable and accommodate the increase in production from sources. renewable, but also to increase its resilience to increasingly frequent extreme climatic phenomena.

Energy & Utilities

The new challenges revolve around the convergence of engineering and business processes, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and consumption control by citizens.
The supply must be highly reliable (no black-out), flexible, accessible and cost-efficient, making full use of both large centralized generators and smaller energy sources scattered across the territory.

Electricity distribution infrastructures (Smart Grids) are an enabling factor for the energy transition, as they must be able to manage a generation system that is radically different from the past and flows of energy distributed by a multiplicity of plants

Pervasive communication within the entire network and new automation and management systems are required to meet requirements such as:
• the interoperability between European electrical networks
• liberalization of energy markets
• modulation of local demand and control of user loads
Italtel has been working with leading industry operators for years, helping them innovate their networks with its long-standing expertise.
Italtel has been working with leading industry operators for years, helping them innovate their networks with its long-standing expertise


Designing smart roads, managing the increase in traffic, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency for transport and works, the obsolescence of systems in operation: these are some of the issues facing the transport sector today.

5G, IoT and Automation and Analytics are the engine of digital transformation for the transport sector.

The adoption of new technologies makes it possible to make transport systems faster, more efficient, safer and ensure the safety of critical infrastructures, such as roads and railways, bridges and viaducts, ports and airports.

Italtel offers sector operators a ‘data-driven’ management model. For any type of infrastructure, this means moving from simple monitoring to a much more complete approach that considers the entire life cycle and allows for the prevention of any anomalies.

Italtel offers end-to-end integrated solutions characterized by a multi-technology approach and strong integration between infrastructures, platforms and services.

  • A global communication platform
    SUCCESS STORY - A global communication platform for Enel
  • SUCCESS STORY - Costa Crociere

Italtel's offer for Energy & Utilities operators and companies in the transport sector includes:

  • design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures for Smart Grids and transport networks
  • analysis and conversion of existing infrastructures for increased sturdiness and safety
  • monitoring and active measurement systems for network performance
  • implementation of telecommunication architectures with advanced tele-control and supervision systems
  • design and implementation of Smart Mobility solutions through market platforms' and/or "in house" solutions' system integration
  • implementation of, and support to, IoT testing solutions, in particular for public lighting and electric mobility control


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