Advisory services for the efficiency of a media company


Companies operating in the media industry modulate their offer with increasingly flexible business models and are able to enhance it also through innovative tools and infrastructures that guarantee the quality of the user experience.
In this perspective, a large Italian company in the media sector found itself in the need to monitor some of its software applications for internal use. In fact, performance problems had occurred over time on them.
In order to identify the causes and address their resolution, it purchased the Application Performance Management of Cisco AppDynamics. He therefore sought an advisory service on installation and configuration for a more effective use of the AppDynamics product.
Thanks to Italtel’s help, this large company has managed to achieve its goal.


The consultancy service, provided remotely by Italtel, includes:
support for the use of the AppDynamics product
analysis and troubleshooting of application operation through the use of the AppDynamics product as a support for improving performance
development of the solution
reporting dashboard configuration
configuration of notifications
configuration of new applications to monitor
installation and configuration of new agents, taking advantage of what is allowed by the nomadic nature of the licenses


Already in the initial phase of the project, thanks to the Italtel consulting service, the AppDynamics product proved to be useful for detecting performance problems, identifying the cause on the application code and then directing their resolution.
After that, by exploiting the nomadic nature of the concessions, it was possible to extend the monitoring to other applications, thus obtaining:
• increased maintainability of applications, thanks to automatic detection features that provide a constantly updated graphical mapping of application dependencies
• efficiency of the applications, thanks to the continuous optimization of the performances obtainable through the automatic detection of the degradation compared to the usual behavior
• rapid resolution of application performance degradation problems, thanks to the drill-down to the single line of software code, which allows you to quickly direct investigations.


Italtel consultants respond to specific customer needs also by proposing innovative business models, with particular reference to cloud opportunities. In particular, thanks to its skills and long experience, Italtel knows how to facilitate the start of a path towards the design, engineering and implementation of the solutions dealt with.

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