Italtel has always been committed to pursuing every business choice in full compliance with the laws and the principles endorsed by its Code of Conduct.

Italtel intends to operate within these principles, particularly, counteracting corruption using all possible means and acting in all circumstances with loyalty, integrity and honesty in order to maintain and increase the esteem and respect of its stakeholders and be a competitive, healthy and sustainable successful company.

The Italtel Whistleblowing platform is aimed at gathering reports on potential misconduct or wrongdoing of which you have become aware in the working activity and intends to promote the culture of ethics and legality against unlawful conduct of which you have been a witness.

The platform is addressed to employees of Italtel Group as well as all people who are in a business relationship with Italtel Group.

The platform should be used for reporting the reasonable and legitimate suspicion or in good faith awareness of unlawful conduct in the working activity that could adversely affect the integrity of Italtel Group such as, for example, violations of the Code of Conduct, events that may cause offenses or produce financial or reputational damage, violations of internal provisions or procedures. Therefore, facts based on “rumors” or “by hearsay” or personal complaints must not be reported.

All personal data concerning the reports will be processed in accordance with current laws on the protection of personal data, such as the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) as well as any other applicable law in Italy, in full compliance with the fundamental rights and freedoms of the involved subjects, regarding mainly to the confidentiality of their identity and the security of processing.





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