Exprivia & Italtel

Following the investment of Exprivia in Italtel, a shareholding equal to 81% of Italtel’s share capital, finalized on December 14, 2017, the new group Exprivia | Italtel was generated: a leading player in the Italian and international scenario of high technology, able to play a decisive role in accelerating the digital transformation.

Increasing potential through the synergies created by the integration of our specific skills: this is the goal that led us to the creation of the new Exprivia|Italtel brand.

Along these lines we will develop our next activities to create a complete offering that combines Italtel’s consolidated telecommunications experience and Exprivia’s know-how in Information Technology.

On the occasion of the presentation of the 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan of Exprivia | Italtel, which was held in Milan on 12 July 2018 at the headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, we took the first step in a shared process that will see us proceed together towards important goals.
The plan outlines in detail the actions we intend to implement to interpret the technological and business model transformations that we see around us.


The event aims at celebrating the creativity and the imagination by means the show “Accadde Domani”, held at the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato in Milan, with the participation of the writer Gianrico Carofiglio. Among short stories and opportunities to reflect we celebrated together this significant starting point for our history looking at a future that, we will strive to make it even easier and more perfect.


“Digital transformation is changing the way we live and work and be prepared is the only way to continue to be competitive on international markets. The creation of new business models is based on the ability to evolve the digital structure of companies. We aim to develop digital expertise and solutions that will be applied in our customers’ business models thanks to the group new synergies, such as increasingly equipped applications of artificial intelligence, distributed in the Cloud and based on data or robots and sensors connected to each other in ultra-fast networks”.

Domenico Favuzzi, Italtel’s President and CEO, Exprivia’s President

“Digital technology is having and will have ever more pervasive impacts in all market sectors. Industry 4.0 initiatives, which can boost production in the large industrialized countries; the strong potential impact of Smart Cities on the citizens’ lives and on the environment, starting from mobility ecosystem and self-driving cars; the success of continuous care focused on digital and territory-based management necessary for the healthcare system to support the increase in average life expectancy and related chronic diseases; the evolution of the television and media ecosystem towards increasing quality and interactivity; the innovation of the electricity grids with the integration of renewable and discontinuous sources towards the so-called Smart Grids: these are some examples of sectors in which telecommunications sector skills, which is accelerating towards the 5G, are being mixed together with IT application development skills, which is becoming more and more artificial intelligence, indicating the vastness of possible activities for an integrated group such as the our.”

Stefano Pileri, Italtel’s CEO


Visit www.exprivia-italtel.it

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