A versatile environment designed according to building automation principles


Two brothers, one a chef and the other an architect, Luigi and Luca Cassago have created Ecosistema, a multifunctional space in Milan. The space was opened during the Salone del Mobile and serves as a place for cooking shows and meetings between architects, a place dedicated to food, design and the well-being of per-sons.

“we decided to create a space together where we could combine our professions and the vision of our companies: to improve people’s lives through food and space design,” explains Luigi.

The Cassago brothers decided to integrate building automation solutions into the Ecosistema premises, even though the space of around 500 m2 did not necessarily require it. They wanted to do this to show architects attending Ecosistema the new solutions and technological trends.

For their project, they chose the collaboration of Molex and Italtel to design the network architecture, implement the connectivity and integrate the automation solutions.



Showcasing Technological Innovations
Enhancing Quality of Life
Maximizing Energy Efficiency
Fostering Innovation and Technology
Promoting Sustainability
Streamlined Network Management


In order to increase the levels of liveability, comfort and safety within the rooms and optimise the performance of the structure, the space was built according to the criteria of building automation, i.e. with automatic management and control of the systems. The project was realised in partnership with Molex, a leading company in electronic and data connectivity systems and digital smart building solutions. The Molex CoreSync smart building platform is modular and can be adapted to suit any requirements or size of premises.

In particular, Italtel proposed its Modern work & digital comms solution, equipping the co-working spaces with switches, cabling and visible sensors. These devices not only provide reliable, high-performance connectivity, essential for professionals and teams collaborating in open spaces, but are also designed with a modern aesthetic that fits perfectly with contemporary interiors.

The Italtel team utilised the expertise gained through its hybrid work certification with Cisco to deploy this solution.

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