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December 19, 2017 – A common mistake is to consider 5G simply as an incremental advance of previous 4G/LTE cellular networks. 5G is rather a new ecosystem, based on a new concept of Radio Access Network and Core Network, both able to offer new use cases, services and verticals, as:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband services
  • Massive Internet of Things
  • Ultra-reliable low latency services

In the next years, 5G will generate worldwide, a new and long financial boost. Early deployments of commercial 5G are estimated to go live within 2020, with meaningful economic contribution already starting from that date. According to IHS Markit(*) estimation, up to 2035, 5G will produce about $12.3 trillion of global economic output, generating 22 million jobs.

5G networks are build up leveraging NFV and SDN paradigms, offering an innovative way to share the computing infrastructure. This latter can be shared by multiple tenants and each of them can address specific use cases and type of users introducing a new approach based on “Network Slicing”.

5G was conceived as integration of a several number of techniques, scenarios, and use environments mixing more and more multiple radio access technology.

The estimated performance levels that 5G technologies have to fulfil are:

  • 10-100 times higher typical user data rate
  • 10 times longer battery life for low-power devices
  • 10-100 times higher number of connected devices
  • 5 times reduced end-to-end latency
  • 1000 times higher mobile data volume per area

Italtel is actively working on 5G, designing the complete solution and focusing on specific functionalities located both in the Core and at the Edge.

In particular, Italtel is strongly committed to develop the MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing), that portion of 5G ecosystem located at the edge of the network, which:

  • Significantly improves most of services leveraging a dedicated platform nearby the radio access
  • Dramatically reduces latency for mobile end-users
  • Efficiently optimizes the use of the mobile backhaul and core network

Moreover, Italtel has a dedicated Competence Center for all 5G contents gaining a high level of expertise in supporting Service Providers (MNO, MVNO, MVNE) and Enterprise to design properly own portion of 5G Network either offering own products or integrating the ones of other vendors


(*) ”The 5G Economy: How 5G technology will contribute to the global economy”


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