MWC17: watch 3 demos in 5 minutes

A virtual visit to Italtel’s booth at MWC17

Luca Ferraris – head of Strategy, Innovation & Communication – introduces Italtel’s themes at Mobile World Congress 2017. In particular, he shortly describes the 3 demo corners:

 the first corner, dedicated to the Internet of Things: Smart Health and Smart Cities applications


the second corner, about Network Transformation and the evolution of Italtel’s traditional product portfolio, such as its virtual Session Border Controller and 5G advanced projects


the third corner, that showcases Network Quality with solutions based on active probes testing above all quality of video streaming.


A deeper description of the demos is provided with contributions by Stefano Livraghi (see picture on the right) – head of Contextual Communication department – focused on Italtel-Exprivia’s innovative telemedicine solution, by Jacopo Tenconi – Business Development & Innovation Manager – for Italtel’s Data Science ITACA solution, and finally by  Saverio Caracozzi – senior Technical Marketing manager – with an interesting use case for 5G environment.

Finally, Luca Ferraris highlights Italtel’s value as a System Integrator, able to put together different pieces, but with an added value, that is the capacity to develop software and to customize the overall solution according to the requirements of the customers.

Watch the video (4’46”)

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