IoT Platform


Internet of Things (IoT) enables intelligent dialogue between applications and objects through the network. Analysts estimates forecast that the number of objects connected to the Internet on a global scale will be between 26 and 30 billion around 2020.

The challenge posed by this technological trend is to enable communication between scattered objects that are based on different communication technologies, creating specific or vertical applications for contexts ranging from mobility to energy and infrastructure.

IoT solutions differ depending on use cases, device technologies and network connectivity. However, it is possible to recognize some common elements, such as security issues.

By leveraging these common elements Italtel created an ICT platform called the IoT Platform, focusing on device management, monitoring and control.

The IoT Platform is designed to use existing corporate assets and is open to the extension of vertical applications required by the market.
It is cloud-operated, based on open source software, with multi-tenant architecture, and is offered with a ‘Software as a Service’ license.

This makes it possible to optimize resource usage and strengthen the services offered to individual consumers and the community.

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IoT Platform:

  • ensures data security, confidentiality and accessibility, taking into account volume, sensitivity and risk
  • is agnostic regarding devices and protocols, and independent of capture devices, communication technologies or storage systems
  • enables data reusability for different application.

The platform provides scalability, stability and efficiency without forcing the user to manage complex ICT infrastructures.


The main available verticals are:

  • consumption and energy production monitoring
  • structural monitoring for buildings
  • thermal comfort monitoring for living environments
  • monitoring and handling of out of range parameters or error notifications
  • thermal conditions monitoring of Data Center
  • Smart City (Intelligent Street Lighting and Smart Parking)

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