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In a market characterized by growing cost saving needs, there are also other challenges to face:Service Providers are leaning towards the definition of new services to keep elevated Average Rate Per User (ARPU), while shortening time to market; Enterprises need to keep network and IT infrastructures up-to-date, to gain competitive advantage, providing their employees with the most effective working tools.
Multi-media networks and solutions are today typically composed of several multi-vendor components. Selecting a technology or a platform is only the first step for new services rollout. Different options have to be evaluated: a mix between out-of-the-box technologies and customizations can help to define a unique, cost-effective, tailor-made solutionmatching the real client’s needs. Network and IT solution design is all about balancing performance expectations against the realities of capital budgeting.


An accurate network and systems design can help Operators and Enterprises to provide high-quality and reliable services at an optimal cost, improving operations efficiency and to enable the rapid launch of new services, reducing time-to-market. An effective capacity planning can help to manage future scalability, thus enhancing flexibility.

A relevant percentage of the most innovative telecommunication solutions worldwide has been designed and developed by Italtel. Therefore, Italtel is able to provide high quality Solution/Network Design services, based on unique know-how on technologies, protocols and risk management.
Italtel can help customers to design, integrate and deliver comprehensive solutions, based on multi-vendor best-of-breed technologies. Italtel engineers can work close to the customer to fully understand business goals, requirementsand concerns. Additionally, Italtel can make the most of 3.000 m2 of internal test labs.


Italtel Solution Design process starts from an assessment phase, including customer data and requirements gathering. The outcome is the High Level Design (HLD), a document providing a short description of Italtel proposal matching customer’s needs. Main contents are: solution architecture, general kit list, features and services, integration plan, dimensioning and scalability (defining the rules for future growth).
The next phase is relevant to the detailed design of the solution. The result is the Low Level Design(LLD), a document indicating all the information and data needed to configure the elements composing the solution. Main contents are: detailed kit list, physical connectivity schemas, IP addressing plan, etc.
Finally, configuration scripts (or batches of commands) are prepared for each element of the solution. To speed up project deployment, usually, the configuration is split in: basic commissioning and full activation of all the features.

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