Web-based Communications


WebRTC technology enables audio, video and data services through the implementation of open-source APIs and javascripts, putting browsers at the center of the scene.

WebRTC has helped break down the barriers of complexity in developing customized services, focusing on the concept of contextual communication in real-time.


Contextual communication is the bidirectional switch between two entities, which know exactly the context where they are communicating and collaborating in Real Time.

Embrace is the Italtel WebRTC-enabled platform with advanced capabilities that implements contextual communication services in a client-less solution.

It can be integrated in an already deployed ICT infrastructure and customized to cover specific needs. Furthermore Embrace, as its own name suggests, introduces the web convergence concept in real time communication and becomes the heart of the Multi-Technology Conference environment.


Embrace WebAS is a software-only and cloud-ready Web Application Server that could be used to enable WebRTC services in a TLC network or as a standalone WebRTC solution integrated in an ICT infrastructure.

The most relevant features are:

  • Audio and Video call, Audio and Video conference up to 5 participants (MCU-less with Multi-Point streams)
  • IM, Desktop Sharing, File Sharing
  • Active Directory integration
  • Supported codecs: g.711, g.729, OPUS, VP8, VP9, H.264 AVC/SVC
  • Supported protocols: SIP over web socket, SRTP/DTLS, HTTPS
  • STUN, TURN, ICE capabilities
  • Multi-technology Conference Application
  • WebRTC GW support for IMS/LTE and PSTN/PLMN interoperability
  • Deployment and Management: Cloud deployment support, Docker deployment support, Licensing, O&M back-end GUI, HA platform
  • Standards compliance: IETF, 3GPP and ETSI compliances

Italtel Embrace WebAS is:



Embrace WebAS has been designed in order to address verticals belonging to completely different domains, such as e-health, e-training and e-learning, business collaboration and smart working, customer care and support.

Some solution are already available for your needs.

Embrace Webinar

Italtel Webinar is based on a software-only and cloud-ready platform that fully enables WebRTC features to Service Providers and Enterprises.

The service allows tutor carry out an online seminary, having a large audience who can follow it.

Tutor can manage the presentation using the camera and sharing the screen with relevant presentation.

Embrace UC&C

A set of services to improve collaboration.

Different package for different needs, all provided in a software only solution with a client-less approach and with all the communication encrypted, therefore secure.

This vertical is deployed with a complete GUI, that provides all the developed services, as listed below, but thanks to the native APIs of Embrace WebAS platform,  the solution may also be integrated with existing portal.

Moreover the WebRTC Gateway, provided with NetMatch-S, allows the integration with pre-existing services and deployed UC&C platforms in VoIP Network and interoperability with SIP protocol.

Embrace UC&C is designed for business needs: smart working, geo-distribution, multi-channel, mobility …

The main services provided are:

  • HD audio and video call
  • Conference (with and w/o SFU)
  • Instant messaging
  • Desktop sharing,
  • File sharing
  • Click-to-invite
  • Room management
  • Audio, video recording

Embrace e-learning

From the combination of Webinar and UC&C services, provided by Embrace WebAS platform, Embrace e-learning is born.

The standard Massive Online Open Course can be enriched with real time HD video perfectly integrated in the web browser. Additional features like “check on student presence” make this solution fit for use cases as virtual classroom, job training, tutoring,..

Embrace Your Customer

A complete services suite for managing customers accessing the corporate website, starting from a third party traditional contact center .

Embrace Your Customers is the Contact Center solution based on Embrace WebAS, the Italtel webRTC platform, enabling communication audio / video / chat / file sharing using simply the web browser, integrated with a third party complete contact center platform. Italtel WebRTC technology and third party contact center traditional services to satisfy every needs of Customer Service.

Embrace Conference Bridge

Embrace Conference Bridge is a telephony and web Application software-only and “cloud-ready”, which provides audio conferencing services (MCU) inside a TLC network.

Even if we definitely have entered the age of video calling and conferencing, audio conferencing continues to be a key collaboration and productivity tool for most businesses.

The advantage of an audio conference call is that participants can use any ordinary phone line and any device to dial in and join the meeting. Often an audio conferencing can comfortably include, on the same call, more people than a video conferencing.

Moreover its ability to eliminate or reduce travel costs and boost productivity through more extensive collaboration across geographically dispersed teams helps audio conferencing to receive a fair share of a company’s technology budget.

Embrace Conference bridge is designed on WebRTC technology to allow meet-me (dial-in) voice multiparty conferences in a VOIP network based on SIP protocol.

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