Managed services

Italtel’s Advanced Managed Services are delivered by about 200 experts working in teams through a network of Digital Operation Centres based in Milan, Ciudad Real in Spain and Sao Paolo in Brazil that guarantees 24/7 support. The services also include recursive engineering consultancy with the aim of analysing the performance of infrastructures and applications to proactively plan any adjustments in advance of possible malfunctions.
Advanced managed services are delivered using tools of the best vendors, enhanced by software developments made by Italtel to ensure maximum customisation to address specific customer needs.
The four main directions at the heart of IT:
  • cyber security
  • ICT infrastructures monitoring
  • ICT infrastrucutres operation
  • management of multimedia communication platforms for smart working.

Italtel’s Managed Services are designed to manage the multi-vendor infrastructures, services and IT applications of telco operators, corporations, and Public Administration entities in a sustainable, efficient and secure way.

  • SUCCESS STORY - Network Security Assessment

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