Analytics Intelligent Open Platform

Analyzing data of any type, size and origin is a typical need of operators in the telco sector, but also in the enterprise, Industry, Public Sector and Services.

iAIOP is the Italtel Intelligent Analytics Open Platform designed to provide collecting, processing, and analysing big amounts of data to discover trends and forecasts that can help customers to make decisions. Intelligent because the platform is able to extract value from data using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Open because the platform is modular, extensible, integrable and adaptable to different customer needs.

  • Modularity: the solution is designed to be used as a whole, but also allows you to choose which modules to install, depending on the customer’s needs
  • Development with a microservices architecture: allowing you to isolate individual components, simplifying both deployment and management
  • Deployment: both on-prem and in cloud
  • Integration with the customer’s installed: the modularity of the solution, combined with Italtel’s skills in the field of integration, allow you to install the solution (or the necessary modules) in a pre-existing environment, integrating with it.

The framework includes a complete set of configuration templates, for a proper monitoring of heterogenous elementsThe most relevant capabilities are:

  • Long Term Analysis: Monitoring and data dashboarding from any kind of equipment
  • Prediction Analysis: AI and ML  Services
  • O&M Data Ingestion and Monitoring: Health and Network monitoring based on specific tasks (in particular on Italtel NE)
  • Unified Infrastructure Monitoring: Monitoring of Networks, Servers, Virtual Machines (VMs) and Cloud for managed services
  • Unified Application Monitoring: Data Analytics applied to collaboration platform (Pexip, MS Teams, Cisco CUCM), for managed services
  • Centralized Log Management: Centralized solution of analysis, monitoring and correlation of logs
  • ChatOps: Alerts & Notifications/Intents and Interactions.

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