Infrastructure creation & deployment

Installation of new infrastructures and adaptation of existing infrastructures

The rapid evolution of TLC / IT equipment in terms of size, performance and energy consumption and the demand for ever greater computing capacity imply a technological infrastructure designed and built with extreme care. Many sites host TLC and IT equipment: Point of Presence (PoP), Data Centers, Network Operation Centers and street cabinets. Therefore, the support of specialized partners in the activities of creating or upgrading infrastructures – from checking the adequacy level of the rooms to compliance checks – becomes strategic for Telco Operators and companies,.

The consolidated experience in the realization of telecommunications and IT infrastructures makes Italtel the ideal partner for the construction and optimization of systems.

Italtel provides turnkey solutions: from the evaluation of the existing, to the project, to the implementation and optimization of networks, technologies, systems and data centers.

Network and IT projects often have technical specificities and complexities. In emerging markets, the challenge is typically that of scalability, while in more mature sectors, the main objectives are efficiency and average revenues per user.

Italtel offers a set of modular, flexible and high quality deployment services to build, expand or modernize any network or multi-technology IT infrastructure, thanks to a team of professionals and specialists.

Italtel meets the needs of cost reduction and requirements for speed and efficiency in the installation: an optimized process of creating plant infrastructures allows the reduction of investment costs, by exploiting economies of scale and maximizing performance. The reduction in operating expenses is achieved through increased energy efficiency.

An optimized design improves flexibility, reducing time-to-market.

With attention to every detail from creation to deployment


Italtel services for the creation of infrastructures are provided by a team of expert resources, which is responsible for defining the work plan, coordinating activities in the field, managing the procurement of materials and the management of permissions. For field interventions, the team can be supported by certified partners.

The infrastructure design activity begins with the assessment of the characteristics and efficiency of existing plants with assessment and site inspection activities.

The feasibility study, in agreement with the customer, identifies the structure and technologies most suited to the current organization and future growth expectations, also opting for an optimization / consolidation / rationalization of the type and number of assets present and of the spaces available. layout. The project documentation includes the layout, characteristics and sizing of the electrical, mechanical and safety systems, providing levels of resilience and the necessary redundancies according to regulatory standards.

The infrastructure is built or adapted according to the executive project, both in terms of civil works and systems (lighting, heating / cooling, access control systems, fire-fighting systems, electrical systems, energy systems, wiring).

The installation and wiring of the racks and equipment is performed in line with the executive documentation. In the event of a location move, specific documents are included for the uninstallation, moving and reinstallation of racks and IT equipment. Italtel provides plant certification.

The deployment services begin with the reference project, which includes the definition of detailed objectives and actions and the allocation of resources. Project documents are produced for installation, configuration and tests. Finally, the actual implementation is carried out, from the installation of the equipment to the Commissioning (basic configuration, equipment and integration tests, customer acceptance). On request, it is possible to provide staging services, which consist of pre-configuration and testing activities, conducted in the Italtel laboratories.

As a single point of contact for the entire business, Italtel guarantees the highest levels of coordination and management .

All activity is supervised by a Project Manager (PM), responsible for the entire deployment process, from the customer’s commitment to the activation of the solution. To optimize the success rate of implementation activities, Italtel PMs add specific qualities to the typical characteristics of a generic PM: from the ability to speak with plant engineers to the understanding of detailed technical problems up to the ability to discover and manage hidden costs.

Italtel’s effective methodology is the result of consolidated experience in building the most innovative telecommunications networks in the world
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