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The Public Administration, central and local, is engaged in a process of modernization and digitization, necessary to keep pace with a world that is changing in an ever more rapid and unpredictable way. In this complex process, Italtel offers PA entities its vast experience in terms of the construction of both network infrastructures and services and applications for citizens.
Public Administration bodies are adapting their services to an increasingly demanding request in terms of streamlining bureaucracy and improving safety and new services to users, be they citizens or businesses.
Italtel has numerous projects to its credit ranging from small municipalities to large national entities, from the Smart City to the Defense and Energy & Transportation sectors, and which concern the Hybrid Cloud, cyber security, ICT services, the IoT. and Collaboration.
  • SUCCESS STORY - New data centres for a major Italian PA organisation
After the covid-19 emergency, cities are encouraged to become even smarter, more connected and intelligent thanks to the positive acceleration in digital infrastructures and transport systems, starting with a rethinking of urban spaces, sustainable mobility and a simplification of processes and procedures.

Attention to environmental pollution, the consumption of energy and water resources, economic and technological changes are the main factors that in recent decades have led urban centers to face new challenges. To address these phenomena and the related transformations, cities exploit ICT technologies to improve the lives of citizens, respecting the environment and future generations and to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territory, thus opening up new opportunities for economic and social development.

Italtel is the perfect partner for urban authorities, offering turnkey solutions based on:

  • a platform capable of extrapolating useful information from large amounts of raw data
  • the most suitable networking technologies to connect people and objects
  • the selection, certification and integration of the necessary sensors and gauges to make the things that surround us “smarter”.

Italtel supports Smart Cities with:

  • consulting and technological skills for the creation and implementation of network infrastructures
  • design and implementation of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C
  • ICT management services in outsourcing of multi-technology, security and NOC infrastructures
  • solutions for Energy – smart lighting, energy efficiency plans for public buildings, monitoring and control of electric car charging systems
  • solutions for Environment - waste collection optimization, structural monitoring of public buildings and infrastructure (e.g. bridges, river banks), monitoring of air pollution levels and environmental parameters
  • solutions for Mobility - video surveillance in public transport systems and in urban spaces, improving the passenger experience with real-time information in public transport systems, wireless payments, internet connectivity, parking management systems to improve urban traffic.


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