IMS Core and Applications

Italtel is one of the first player that enabled its Customers to enhance networks and services with Voice over IP communications for Business, Residential and Backbone / Interconnection infrastructures; from the market leader iMSS softswitch to the LTE/IMS eco-system ready for Virtualization and Cloud, Italtel offers turnkey solution for fixed, mobile and converged Service Providers.

Virtualization (NFV) ETSI group and having all the IMS products deployed in a virtualized and Cloud environment exploiting the flexibility of hypervisors, the computational power of commercial hardware and the resiliency of Italtel Telco Application.
Italtel modular software joint with NFV and Cloud capabilities allows to tailor deployment to Service Provider’s needs: from IMS-in-a-box to a geographically distributed network.

Italtel IMS product line is the answer to Customer needs for:

  • Moving from legacy softswitch to full IMS and Voice over LTE virtualized network
  • Introducing a Single Core for all the subscribers providing full set of Regulatory and Supplementary services
  • Reducing OpEx and CapEx thanks to software modularity and Network Function Virtualization
  • Reducing TCO of the Network Infrastructure moving to Green Data Center or Cloud Environment
  • Support mixed scenario where legacy users shall be supported simultaneously with native/LTE/IMS subscribers
  • Supporting heterogeneous interconnection with external network providing any to any signaling interworking

Italtel IMS Products are the right solution for enabling smooth network transformation and evolution reducing OpEx and CapEx, allowing smaller footprint and consumption thanks to software modularity, consolidation and virtualization and providing faster time to market for new services and features.

Italtel IMS products enable Service Providers to deploy a Single Core network able to handle not only LTE and IMS subscribers but also legacy subscribers providing to all of them the full set of Regulatory and Supplementary Services.
Italtel offers full LTE and IMS eco-system covering all the needed functionalities for a live IMS network such as P-CSCF, I/S/E-CSCF, HSS, MRF, MMTel TAS, SCC-AS, TrGW, IBCF/BGF, MGCF, MGW and BGW. Italtel support latest GSMA and 3GPP specifications for IMS Core Network including Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and IMS Service Centralization thus providing a Single Core for Fixed and Mobile Customers.
Italtel IMS Core can be coupled with Italtel web-RTC Solution for Web Communication and is fully open to interconnect any SIP/IMS Application Server and Enabler services.

Italtel products of the IMS line are:

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