Advisory services


In today world of work, Innovation spreads through two different vehicles: the individual and the organization. A new technology is therefore supposed to be, on one hand, user friendly and feature-rich, on the other, easy to manage and profitable. Needless to say, this ambidexterity can be achieved only leveraging a comprehensive and holistic vision on people behaviors and business insights. As a consequence, there is a growing need for technology-independent advisors to help addressing the strategic choices of Service Providers and Enterprises, in terms of network and IT solution evolution.

Today an advisor is supposed to meet customer specific needs also proposing innovative delivery and business models, with particular reference to Cloud Computing opportunities. Typically, the advisor facilitates the start of a journey that drives its customers to solution design, engineering and deployment.


A technology advisor can help Operators and Enterprises to define their network and IT strategies, thus reducing time-to-market in launching new services and enabling an easier interworking between multiple vendors (typically impaired by deviance in compliance to standards). An increased knowledge in emerging trends can also result in a reduction of the marketing and research efforts needed to scout for new technologies. Italtel provides technology Advisory Services, leveraging its solid knowledge on networks and services interoperability, based on the long-term, multi-vendor experience on several international customers.

Italtel has proven System Integration capabilities on the most significant Telecommunication and IT business areas: Hybrid cloud, Cyber security, Collaboration, 5G networks and applications.