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Get your business off the ground with the all-inclusive Continuous Automation Service

Our automation service is aimed at all companies, telco and not, that need to automate and speed up the testing of solutions, equipment/ terminals and the deployment processes of their offerings.

We attach great importance to the identification of customer needs and their feedback to build together the most appropriate solution through the selection of the environment, automation tools and the refinement of the entire path of implementation.

The service includes the definition and implementation of the steps to be automated, networking, software management and testing, execution planning, the customization of the reports produced and the artifacts accompanying the automatic operations and the support to the specific training.

The adoption of agile SCRUM and devops models is our strength to ensure iterative and incremental results, tangible from the early stages of the activity.

The service is delivered by a team of experts with proven, continuously updated and innovative automation tools.

End-to-end verification, including infrastructure, interconnects, and devices, configuration validation, and integration of third-party applications through lifecycle management, are automated. The tests include automatic controls that relieve the user from manual checks. Our pipelines are designed to run even at night: in the morning the results are directly in the mailbox!


Multivendor Lab Interoperability Experts Automation Tools Documentation Innovation
Independent of under test technology We have experts to cover the needs of each domain of expertise Open Scalable Flexible Modular Platform for Robotic process automation (RPA), API and powerful proprietary tools Automatically generated on pipeline basis and customizable per customer Continuous attention to evolutionary trends also through the comparison/participation in communities and events

Testing automation has been an essential theme for years. It arises in relation to the software development of consistent products and applications. In Italtel it is a subject that has always been covered and deepened. It has gone through methodological and technological evolutions with renewed ways of implementation and a significant increase in the breadth of benefits obtained.

We have gathered a solid experience, which allows us to analyze and manage new areas and new challenges emerging from the market, such as the need to have on-site and remote systems of connection, scheduling and launch of automatic test suites, to be performed in the context of complex network architectures, in order to validate the services, according to the user’s use and with the crossing of each subsystem involved.

This ability was particularly useful during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing to overcome the physical inaccessibility of testing laboratories, used for manual testing, with a simple and accessible service via browser.

The proposal of the test automation service is “all-inclusive“, or “full-line”: it extends from the identification of needs to the definition of test lists, from the implementation of tests to the planning of executions, from the customization of the reports produced to the support and the specific formation.

The main benefts of Automation services:
  • Efficiency: allows 24-7 use of resources without the active presence of the operator
  • Effectiveness: a variety of test types can be developed, including in-depth and standardized automatic sound quality and correctness checks
  • Spped: it is achieved in multiple directions: optimization of execution time, speed of integration of new performance, speed of repetition of tests and ease of updating
  • Flexibility: the process quickly adapts to customer priority changes in test implementation and scheduling; the platform is adaptable and expandable
  • Reliability: applied iterativity, both as an approach and in executions, leads to increased knowledge of the networks/services under test and the control, configuration and tuning capabilities applicable to them
  • Quality: compliance with the chosen development method and uniformity of the process of implementation and execution of tests ensure the repeatability and completeness of automated checkse
  • Economic parameters: a drastic reduction of the man hours necessary for the execution of the phases of testing is measured with acceleration of the time to market; the job is approached in more motivating, stimulating and productive way

Certificazione SCRUM Master 10 anniThe offer consists of a modular platform, open, flexible, scalable, which can integrate open source and proprietary tools, instantiable both as a remote service accessible at the Test Lab Italtel via the Internet, and as a dedicated instance on the client’s virtualization infrastructure.

The service is based on the sharing with the customer of agile SCRUM and devops models, adopted as modus operandi to provide iterative and incremental results, tangible from the early stages of the business.

The collection of needs, the examination of the Test Lists in use and the current workflow-customer allows to produce a feasibility assessment, identifying the constraints and the expected improvement.

The deepening of the functional requirements and the study of the environment with which the platform must interact leads to the definition of the plan of integration into the network (HLD/LLD/FlowMatrix), the parameters to be exploited, the computational needs.

The sharing of objectives makes a proposal for automation of all or a subset of the test cases, divided into successive releases and value for the customer, and defined in terms of time scan (sprint) and overall duration.

The definition of execution cycles, timing and scheduling are set and revised throughout the activity, depending on the progressive increase in testing, possible improvements, the frequency with which feedback is to be collected and the availability of the test environment, which may be variable due to planned or unexpected disruptions.

The PLUSes

At each execution, a test report is automatically produced and sent via email, in the form of a navigable file, which collects the information deemed necessary and useful for the evaluation of the results, such as a brief description and details of the tests, date-time execution, execution parameters, links to logs and tracking files and bug tracking systems.

This set of data can be improved and enriched depending on the needs and preferences of the customer.

Pillars of the offer are the interaction with the customer, for the sharing of the progresses and the difficulties, the refinement of the scenarios, the didactic sessions of guide to the use of the platform, the increment of the cases of cover, and the continuous improvement, aimed at the increasing satisfaction of users of the service and also of the development and support team.

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