About Italtel

Solid competences and ability to look ahead: Italtel is a multinational Information & Communication Technology company that combines the traditional positioning in networks and communications services with the ability to innovate and develop solutions and applications for digital transformation.Italtel designs and offers end-to-end solutions that address key issues for productivity and business success as well as for the evolution and simplification of network infrastructures.

Know-how on cutting-edge technologies and ability to innovate are the outcome of a constant commitment to industrial research projects at European, national and regional level in the sectors of software, telecommunications and IT.

Italtel offer portfolio addresses primarily five vertical markets where the impact of digital transformation will be crucial: Telco & Media, Industry & Manufacturing, Utilities & Transportation, Bank & Insurance, Healthcare and Public Sector.
In addition to Italy, Italtel works abroad in France, Germany, Spain, USA and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador).
Italtel is 100 years old. Founded in July 1921, Italtel has crossed the last century with the gaze of those who know how to anticipate this transformation and guide it to create solutions that improve our lives. Discover more >>
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