Network transformation

We support Telco providers and companies in the network transformation process, leveraging a team of expert consultants able to assist in the decision-making process and coordinate migration activities

Tackling complex projects of integration and migration of networks and services in the multitechnology field can be a very complex activity. Italtel offers its customers its long and solid experience in the dual role of Vendor and Solution Integrator.

Customers benefit from a structured team of our experts, with a deep understanding of technical and business needs, who work together and during all stages of the migration process: concept, planning, design, implementation and optimization.

Network Transformation process

The benefits for customers are:

    • End-to-end governance of the migration process
    • Preventive identification of problems and assessment of risks related to the migration process and their mitigation
    • Efficient migration without negative impacts on the business to All-IP infrastructure (NGN, IMS, etc.) of network services, managing all the aspects involved: routing, numbering, provisioning, billing, etc ..
    • Reduction of Opex resulting from the alienation of ‘legacy’ technologies: reduction of maintenance costs, reduction of energy costs, optimization of footprint and occupied spaces and network simplification

Why face the Network Transformation?

The acceleration of the Data Economy and hyper-connection have made it clear to Telco Providers and companies the need to migrate telecommunication services from pre-existing transport modes to the ‘All-IP’ mode and the resulting benefits in terms of efficiency and profitability.
With the increase in demand for multimedia services and the consequent request for an increase in available bandwidth, Telco Providers have adapted their transport and fixed access technologies, making them evolve from TDM to DWDM and from ADSL to VDSL/FTTC and, therefore, from VDSL/FTTC to FTTH.

The mobile network also followed a similar path, introducing the IP protocol with the 2G network and completing the transition to All-IP with the 4G network.

The obvious risk of this scenario for Telco Providers is to keep all the mentioned technologies active in their networks at the same time, not eliminating those that have become ‘legacy’ from time to time, and therefore not benefiting from the reduction of maintenance costs, energy costs, the footprint occupied by the equipment and the simplification of the network characterized by the ‘stratification’ of the various technologies, from the most obsolete to the most recent.

This not only prevents the expected reduction in operating costs (Opex), but can even cause an unexpected, unwanted increase.

Italtel responds with the Network Transformation service to the request for support to complete the infrastructure transformation process. Leveraging on a team of expert consultants, it is able to assist in decision making and coordinate migration operations.

Network Transformation is a consulting package of complete services, designed and developed to support the customer in the process of migrating the network, users and services to the All-IP paradigm: conception, planning, design, execution and optimization.

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