Hybrid cloud

The need to rapidly adopt new IT services to keep pace with market logics, reducing infrastructure investments, has led companies and public administrations to appropriately evaluate the gradual adoption of infrastructures and services available on the public cloud. This approach has led to the development of hybrid scenarios: in fact, applications are increasingly distributed between private and public clouds which must communicate appropriately with each other and must be managed in an integrated manner.

To define the appropriate cloud adoption strategy, public and private companies need, in the first instance, a consultative approach to understand their digital maturity, as cloud migration processes require careful planning and must be designed according to the type of needs to be addressed.

Italtel guarantees a wide range of expertise and knowledge, starting from the skills acquired in the creation of its products in a “cloud native” logic, with devops development methods, and from proven references of implementations in private and cloud ready environments.

Italtel’s hybrid cloud offer is based on solutions and services for two main scenarios:

  • Re-invent the data center: designing the evolution of private data centers in terms of automation and management tools for opening up to hybrid cloud environments and smart operations
  • Embrace multi-cloud: designing the migration of applications to the cloud, ensuring interoperability between public and private clouds. The Cloud Maturity Model guides the operation of Italtel services.

To address these scenarios Italtel has developed partnerships with the main cloud providers and with the main infrastructure suppliers.

With the aim of facilitating and accelerating the adoption of the cloud, Italtel, with Microsoft and Cisco, has created the FAST SHIFT solution that allows you to migrate applications to the Azure Cloud, without any network constraints. The solution includes Italtel proprietary developments to guarantee redundancy and for the automated configuration of the solution. FAST SHIFT solution is available on Azure Marketplace!

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