IoT solutions

IoT is all around us and takes the form of a new technological paradigm with enormous application potential

It is transforming the way companies produce, sell and move their products. It is changing many actions in everyone’s private and professional life


IoT is a set of technologies for connecting intelligent objects to the network and enabling them to interact with the environment and change the way they operate by sending and receiving data.
IoT brings significant benefits to businesses and increasingly effective and resilient services for citizens.
An ecosystem of suppliers and partners is required in order to create end-to-end solutions aimed at such different contexts, with specializations ranging from devices to gateways, from connectivity to platforms, from applications to processes… and of course you need someone capable of integrating everything into harmonious, effective and coherent solutions.

Italtel’s IoT solutions

The basic value for those working on IoT solutions is in the deep knowledge of the processes to be transformed. Only in this way can architectures be developed that integrate with the existing, making the most of the power of the data collected.


Italtel offers IoT solutions for many industrial sectors. Here are the main ones:

  • Industry 4.0, with specific IoT solutions to monitor and optimize production processes and logistics,from industrial production control to tracing the position of valuable assets, from personnel safety to maintenance processes
  • smart Infrastructures (smart site), with IoT solutions to monitor sites and technological structures belonging to telecommunications operators, companies and institutions that provide services to citizens (piling for radio antennas, smart locking, etc.)
  • critical structures of public interest (Infrastructure Monitoring), such as viaducts, bridges and buildings whose stability is crucial, with IoT solutions dedicated to monitoring operating conditions and managing alarms in the event of anomaly conditions
  • eHealth, with solutions to guarantee remote communication also in video between patients and healthcare facilities, with detection of vital parameters through wearable sensors, tele monitoring and tele consultation.

End-to-end IoT solutions to meet every need

In each area we offer end-to-end IoT solutions that can meet the specific scenarios, ranging from sensors to applications, from the connectivity to the integration with existing systems.
We collaborate with a team of selected partners (for example, on sensors or on the use of cloud platforms) and use proprietary assets (for example, for data collection and processing).
Our deep knowledge of intelligent infrastructures applied to the industrial and civil sectors allows us to select the perfect combination of components and vendors from time to time.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can guarantee deployment on premises or full cloud.

The synergy between the architectural choices of IoT solutions and the most appropriate management of network connectivity is one of the values ​​that Italtel brings in its cultural background. The nascent 5G networks are configured as the ideal connectivity infrastructure to develop IoT use cases. Among the objectives linked to the diffusion of 5G, the management of a very high number of intelligent objects per square meter should be noted.

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