5G networks and applications

5G networks are a highly disruptive factor that will change business models, fostering economic growth and innovation in various application fields. 5G networks: A revolution that must be faced together

5G enables innovative scenarios that are unfeasible with our current network technologies. Think, for instance, of remote surgeries, widespread autonomous driving, or pervasive smart infrastructure. Moreover, 5G enables new business models, making it possible to rethink, redesign, expand and improve existing applications.
5G networks provide unprecedented reliability and operational stability, high-speed and low-latency communication, as well as the possibility of allocating portions of the network to specific applications or contexts (known as “slicing”). We could say that each application has its own dedicated network with the required characteristics.
5G networks are able to support advanced solutions based on cloud and virtualization technologies, as well as to operate in environments and situations with a high number of active devices.

Italtel’s 5G solutions

5G comprises an integrated network platform as well as professional applications and services

Our end-to-end 5G catalog includes a distinctive set of use cases and an integrated solution consisting of:

  • radio components (including all related radio planning services), NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and cloud-based infrastructure with all the features of a 5G network
  • a specific solution for the 5G edge
  • the entire IP communication infrastructure
  • full integration of all systems, thanks to our system integration services and after-sales support
  • an integrated automation and operation framework, which is crucial for mastering the complexity of 5G networks and accelerating the diffusion of features and applications while ensuring service quality.

5G key architecture pillars vs Italtel offer lines

5G ingredients for digital transformation

We are your partners on the path towards 5G, offering innovative digital transformation approaches as well as comprehensive, integrated, validated and certified end-to-end solutions – including application scenarios


We offer advisory, design and system integration services for Communication Service Providers, leveraging our knowledge and the application of new Cloud and NFV technologies. We focus on designing, planning and implementing 5G access networks on a national scale, based on cutting edge FWA solutions, mainly for specific indoor targets (hospitals, airports, industrial districts).

We offer our own components and platforms (such as MEC, or Multi-access Edge Computing, which is based on distributed cloud and edge computing) to create local processing solutions that make it possible to implement the 5G network’s extremely low-latency features, support accuracy localization, and manage the mobility of applications that track users’ movements. In all cases, we provide a multi-vendor approach for the integration of these solutions.

We offer a number of use cases and applications to substantiate the move towards 5G and foster the rapid monetization of investments in this new technology. These applications use several technologies – from Cloud to Edge Computing, from Cyber Security to IoT, from Artificial Intelligence to Computer Vision, from Human-Machine Collaboration to Blockchain.

In all use cases we offer the possibility of integrating our services into the customer’s internal processes (operational, productive, procurement, support, etc.) and the company’s back-end systems.

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