5G Networks and Applications

5G networks are a highly disruptive factor that will change business models, fostering economic growth and innovation in various application fields. 5G networks: a revolution that must be faced together

5G enables innovative scenarios that are unfeasible with our current network technologies. Think, for instance, of remote surgeries, widespread autonomous driving, or pervasive smart infrastructure. In addition, 5G will enable new business models, allowing you to rethink, redesign, extend and improve existing applications.
5G networks provide unprecedented reliability and operational stability, high-speed and low-latency communication, as well as the possibility of allocating portions of the network to specific applications or contexts (adopting the so-called “slicing”). We could say that each application has its own dedicated network with the required characteristics.
5G networks enable advanced solutions in virtualized mode or on cloud technologies, with the ability to operate in environments and situations with a very high density of simultaneously active devices.
  • SUCCESS STORY - Private Mobile LTE/5G Network in Paris airports