Session Border Controller

NetMatch-S: SBC’s family for Enterprise and Communication Service Providers

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) provide Communication Service Providers with a set of functions to enable separated VoIP networks to connect securely and cost-effectively, without compromising Quality of Service (QoS).

Italtel launched its SBC NetMatch-S products in 2011, as a key element in Italtel solutions for reliable communication designed for both CSP and Enterprises providing three main use cases for SBC:

  • Interconnection SBC
  • Access SBC
  • Enterprise SBC

NetMatch-S, the SBC family by Italtel, enables the differentiation of the solution offer

NetMatch-S can be placed at the edge of the Service Provider network, for the protection of SIP domains, the application of bandwidth management and session routing policies and the interworking with regard to Signalling & Media, in order to solve interoperability problems in scenarios of: VoIP/Video service, NNI, UNI, SIP Trunking, Mobile VoLTE, IMS transit, VoWiFi. NetMatch-S can be placed within the CSP network to facilitate the integration between multivendor communication environments and between applications and communication services.

NetMatch-S can be placed at the edge of the Enterprise network, to demarcate and protect its SIP domain, simplify the interworking between separate branches and solve the security problems of the SIP trunking interconnections to the CSP. NetMatch-S is an effective appliance for companies, sensitive to changes in communication services, to preserve investments.
NetMatch-S can be placed within the Enterprise network for interoperability between different communication platforms (Unified Communication, Contact Center, MS Teams, IP-PBX), solving the incompatibility relevant to signaling and media planes, increasing the quality of service.

NetMatch-S is available as Cloud Inside (CI), virtualized SBC on CoTS or sw-only servers, as Virtual Network Function on NFV Infrastructures, as virtual appliance on Public Clouds (e.g. AWS and Azure)

NetMatch-S, thanks to its NFV architecture, is an SBC that exploits the elasticity of the cloud by dynamically allocating resources in relation to actual needs. NetMatch-S is designed to run on various hypervisors, such as KVM, VMWare and to be included in several Cloud NFV Infrastructures, such as Openstack and vCloud Director.

NetMatch-S plays the role of Adaptive Dynamic Media Termination Function (AD-MTF), providing centrally managed signal decoupling and media anchoring in interconnection between networks or IP-PBXs.

NetMatch-S is certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

NetMatch-S interoperates with a wide range of distinct IP-PBX vendors too and guarantees interoperability between the various supported VoIP systems.

NetMatch-S facilitates interoperability between different domains thanks to advanced routing functionality, resolution of public / private numbers and numbering-alias translation and vice versa.

NetMatch-S also acts as a WebRTC Gateway in combination with Embrace WebAS.NetMatch-S exposes a powerful and complete Web GUI, designed to simplify configuration, provisioning, fault & performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Italtel is a Vendor and a Solution Manager, which offers you VoIP know-how, Network Design, System Integration and Migration services, accompanying you in the Digital transformation.

Contact Italtel, you will find a valuable team of experts who will assist you in designing the solution that best suits your needs.

Watch this video tutorial that explains how to install Italtel products on AWS Public Cloud. The graphical tool developed by Italtel on a native AWS interface improves the user experience and the manageability >>

NetMatch-S Cloud Inside

The SBC born in the cloud

Virtualization and cloud infrastructure for communication services offer to service providers advantages in operational cost reduction and time to market service distribution to the final customer.

NetMatch-S as virtualized SBC has proven its capabilities on virtualized environments, deployed for both User Network Interfaces (UNI) and Network Node Interfaces (NNI) by enterprises and service providers in EMEA.

By evolving to NetMatch-S Cloud Inside, NetMatch-S CI is the first “cloud-inside” SBC, specifically designed for deployment in Data Center/Cloud Environments, according to emerging IT practices and Telco specifications (NFV). It supports a wide set of hypervisors and Cloud Management systems, enabling rapid integration with emerging cloud-based solutions in order to reduce capital equipment cost and complexity, system deployment times, and facilitate business innovation.

Also, by leveraging on virtualization, organizations can deliver services by orders of magnitude faster than with legacy, proprietary technologies.

NetMatch-S CI adopts the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model separating clearly the hardware platform from the Operating System, HA Middleware and Software Applications level. Leveraging on virtualization technologies, it can be installed over any commercial hardware (COTS) that fulfills NetMatch-S requirements in terms of Core, RAM and storage.

According to emerging IT practices and Telco specifications (NFV), NetMatch-S internally adopts the cloud paradigm and exploits dynamic mechanisms for resource allocation on demand, depending on the effective IP session management requirements, thus providing maximum flexibility, dynamic configuration and scalability.

NetMatch-S CI is able to meet the requirements for all Communication Service Provider (CSP) with challenging and rapidly evolving scenarios in terms of functionalities and capacity.

SBC_trading commsNetMatch-S is certified to work with the IPC trading communications platform
The SIP collaboration between Italtel’s Session Border Controller and the IPC Unigy Management System “trading communications” platform is certified by the TekVizion testing provider.
Our SBC, which acts as a “translator” and adaptor of signaling protocol and media, solves all the communication issues among different telephony systems, such as the fixed and mobile networks as well as the most common collaboration platforms (Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, …), including legacy telephone exchanges from a large number of vendors, particularly in the context of trading communications transactions.
It offers all the functionalities and flexibility of the previous Italtel NetMatch-S Product Lines enhanced by an increased level of functionality and capacity, scaling to address dynamically evolving scenarios and to reduce Time-To-Market. It has been designed to support scenarios where CSP can start with a small deployment and then dynamically upgrade it adding capacity and new functionalities.
The level of flexibility offered by this product enables the CSP to target new business models without taking the risk of deploying a complete infrastructure but providing exactly what is needed as the business grows along the time.
NetMatch–S Cloud Inside is the first “cloud-inside” Session Border Controller, specifically designed for deployment in Data Center/Cloud Environments that uses Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies to help operators move towards the Telco in the Cloud Model.

Fully featured SBC: all the features of an advanced Session Border Controller are included: Signalling and Media Management with the main audio and video transcoding, QoS support, Security capabilities to cover Service protection, Infrastructure protection and SBC Self-protection.

Flexibility: it can be deployed on COTS platforms shared with different applications for dynamic resource allocation. Moreover its functionalities can be dynamically activated or de-activated (scaling in/out) and its capacity can be modified according to the customer’s needs (scaling up/down).

Distributed Architecture towards Edge Cloud: it offers a complete decoupling between the Media and Signaling components so that media and transcoding resources are scalable independently from the signaling ones, facilitating the support of hybrid scenarios before moving to a thorough NFV scenario where control plane, media plane and security migrate on the cloud. Furthermore such model can support scenarios of Edge Cloud, where latency/delay sensitive functionalities are moved to the edge of the network

Cloud Elasticity: it provides scalability implementation on two dimensions:

Scaling in/out (scaling horizontally) to increase/decrease the number of replicated resource instances in a cluster (e.g. a new VM, or a VNF instance, depending on the model).

Scaling up/down (scaling vertically) to increase/decrease the resources attributed to resource instances (e.g. VM CPU, memory, storage sizes).

HW Resource Usage Optimization: thanks to installation of  HW Accelarator cards specifically designed for the NetMatch-S running on COTS platforms, it provides also a significant increase of performances in specific functionalities, e.g. Security and Transcoding, combined with energy consumption reduction.

Hypervisor Agnostic: it supports different virtualization technologies, including VMware and Linux KVM, and can be managed by different/multiple Cloud Orchestrators, first of all the Cisco  NFV Orchestrator, NSO.

Enhanced and Effective web GUI: with an easy-to-use web interface, implementing the three-click rule Wizards for common tasks, suggesting default values to reduce configuration errors and offering O&M facilities, NetMatch-S Cloud Inside is able to handle elasticity and automatic deployment as easily and intuitively as possible.


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