Initiatives to relaunch manufacturing in major industrialized countries, under the name Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory, are aimed at improving the competitiveness of industry companies on international markets, enabling them to retain leadership positions in high added value areas.

Industry 4.0 paradigm offers a number of advantages, including:
  • reduction of unexpected machine stoppages due to quick and accurate identification of causes triggering a possible production chain problem (also through the use of predictive maintenance algorithms)
  • Increased work productivity and production speed thanks to the diffusion of technologies to support mobile communication and sensors to manage tracing and location of objects and people
  • significant reductions in energy consumption achieved thanks to accurate analysis of data collected by machines and processes
  • building a continuous relationship with customers, thanks to the growth of post-sale services favored by the servitization phenomenon; In other words, customer relationship is no longer centered on products, but on services, enabled by the presence of ICT components on machines and products./li>

In fact, the new challenge for the Smart Factory is the ability to collect, process and synthesize large amounts of data available and find effective ways to make them usable and convert them into decisions.

The basic brick of each Industry 4.0 project is the creation of a convergent network for industrial automation, capable of interconnecting all machines and production systems, ensuring maximum levels of security and intelligent, fast and accurate monitoring of lines of production.

Italtel supports the manufacturing companies in the transition to the new management and manufacturing paradigms of the Smart Factory. Thanks to its solutions and leveraging the creation of a partner ecosystem, Italtel studies for its customers the best path for a more efficient use of technologies.

Italtel offers solutions to Smart Factories for:

  • Networking – flexible industrial communication
  • IoT and asset-tracking – information gathering platform and integration of uncomplicated interfaces
  • Cyber Security – analysis and monitoring of network vulnerability
  • Big Data – from Data Centers to Data Science and Analytics solutions
  • Collaboration – timely information sharing tools


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