Analytics and Automation

Data Analytics and Automation: an added value for the operation of the networks

With our Analytics and Automation Intelligent Open Platform, the data collected on the network infrastructures can be used by operators to proactively improve performance in data-driven logic and with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In fact, they can count on a large number of measurements, CDRs, messages, logs generated by the network nodes, by the application platforms, by the management and monitoring systems and, lastly, by specialized active and passive probes inserted in the network.

They have access to traffic, equipment, service and network data both at the access level and at the core network level, as well as performance indicators, events and alarms generated in response to the occurrence of particular conditions.

Telco operators also have data and measurements relating to the applications transported, the number of users who use them and a series of specific information typical of the family to which these applications belong (e.g. page load time for web browsing, latency and resolution for videostreaming, etc.).

In order to govern such growing complexity, it becomes central to act on a double level:

  • integrate and correlate the existing information bases between them.
  • enrich the information base available in order to have a better knowledge of the applications carried by the network;

And, finally, equip oneself with tools capable of extracting value from the enormous amount of information collected and processed.

It is also essential to understand not only the volume of traffic generated by the applications, but also the number of users who use them, their geographical distribution, the type of access and devices used.

The Italtel platform, thanks also to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies and technologies, incorporates the ability to analyze data collected from an environment and from external sources to operate automatic feedbacks on the environment itself (closed loop), with both reactive and proactive purposes. Reacts promptly to problems, anomalies and degradations or even better anticipates them!

Data analytics: Italtel projects and achievements with the Intelligent Open Platform

For years Italtel has been carrying out projects in the field of data analytics, combining both the knowledge and development of software platforms necessary for the collection and processing of data, and methodological and specialist skills in this context.

In the field of Analytics and Business Intelligence, Italtel has governed the implementation of solutions capable of recognizing and measuring the traffic that travels on the network, including that of OTT applications, with the collection and processing of measurements and statistics both in real time and with a frequency ranging from 5 minutes a day. The data acquired and processed (up to 1 billion per day) concerns everything that transits the network and can be grouped into the categories of data and voice traffic, mobile and fixed, web browsing, peer to peer, video streaming, collaboration, etc.

This includes up/down bandwidth measurements, latency, round trip time (RTT), indications on the distribution of content in the various Points of Presence (PoP) of the network, type of access, type of device used, etc.
Although an increasing number of applications carry their payload in encrypted mode, the solutions in place are able to reconstruct the syntax and therefore to produce measures similar to those for unencrypted traffic. It is also possible to obtain valuable information on the sources of this traffic which, in the case of video streaming, for example, is equivalent to having information about the original Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Automation: the new frontier

For several years now, Automation has also been establishing itself in the world of telecommunications networks both as a primary feature of some technological evolutions, and as a support tool for increasing efficiency and operational effectiveness by automating manual activities.

Service Providers have been implementing strategies for the automation of network infrastructures for some time, to optimize operations and management. A trend of technological and process evolution that also significantly affects the programming and evolution of infrastructures.

There are different variations of Automation within the organization and network domains of a telco operator, which we can divide into two macro-families. The first is that of automation as a fundamental part of some trends of technological evolution (Telco Cloud, SDN/NFV, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, etc.), whose reference frameworks provide for programmable interactions between the various functional components that constitute it; the other is that of process automation in which, conversely, the software component is used to model and automate operational processes.

The common feature of the various variations is the possibility of making operations that would not have these characteristics if carried out manually, much faster, replicable, standardized and error-proof.
In particular, in the field of network automation, the need is to be able to use a single platform for the automation of the various domains that constitute it: the IP network domain, the transport network domain and the access network domain. (Fixed and Mobile).

The first benefit is to take advantage of the same modeling properties of configurations on different domains to focus on the design and definition of the service making it independent of the underlying technological complexity.

The second benefit is to act in a coordinated manner with the configurations in the different domains, to enable an end-to-end service or to manage network dynamics related to component malfunctions.
An example is the situation that occurs following the breakdown of a fiber cable which requires coordinated changes on the different network levels, minimizing the disruption.

The third benefit is to standardize the management of IP / optical network domains As part of the convergence between the two technologies.

What do we offer?

Italtel puts at the service of customers a wide catalog of solutions, based on proprietary software products and frameworks, system integration capabilities of third-party products and skills, able to embrace the needs of multiple market verticals.


Intelligent ⇒ based on the extraction of value from data using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence

Open ⇒ The solutions are modular, extensible, integrable and adaptable to the different needs of customers


Intelligent ⇒ able to automate provisioning, testing and operations activities using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence

Open ⇒ The solutions are modular, extensible, integrable and adaptable to the different needs of customers

The solutions are characterized by:

  • Amplitude ⇒ Italtel’s offer consists of multiple modules that meet specific needs in the Analytics and Automation contexts
  • Completeness ⇒ Depending on the specific use cases, the modules can both integrate with each other to create the entire cycle or part of it and interact appropriately with third-party applications
  • Flexibility ⇒ Starting from the actual needs of the customer, Italtel is able to direct, design and implement in agreement with the Customer the optimal solution, through the integration of its own and third-party products and ad hoc developments, using consolidated frameworks.

Our differentiating factors

Knowledge of application domains and technologies. Italtel has an in-depth knowledge, applied in many successful projects, of Application Domains and Technologies, with an eye always turned to innovation

Knowledge of environments. Italtel understands the needs of customers and directs solutions, thanks also to the knowledge of Networks – Italtel Engineering has been designing Telecommunications Networks for 100 years

Adoption of agile methodologies in the software lifecycle. Familiarity and adoption of DevOps methodologies ensure successful delivery in a certain time

Success Stories. Italtel’s design capabilities are proven by numerous success stories

Our skills are at your disposal. Contact us to find out more

Italtel offers its customers a large catalog of solutions, based on software products and frameworks, system integration capabilities of third-party products, skills, capable of embracing the needs of multiple use cases. Italtel’s offer consists of a plurality of modules that meet specific needs in the Analytics and Automation contexts:


General purpose Data acquisition and processing Data acquisition and processing

Batch acquisition, real time, streaming, Publish / Subscribe, processing and management of heterogeneous data, even sensitive, from various sources, certification, rationalization, aggregation by Business Question, in order to extract value

Analysis and presentation

GUI access to acquired and processed data, both with predefined reports and with the construction of customized information by users, trend analysis and data exploration, user activity tracking

Monitoring dashboards Monitoring dashboards

Centralized tools capable of representing a summary view of the behavior of networks, environments, equipment, with a single GUI that provides information on the availability of services at a glance

Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services to extract added value from acquired and processed data, for reactive and above all predictive purposes

Telco oriented Deep Packet Inspection Deep Packet Inspection

Interception and analysis for various purposes of traffic transported on Data Networks, with detection of the applications transported, the measurement of specific characteristics, the setting of active policies such as decongestion

Quality of Experience Quality of experience

Proactive monitoring based on the concept of perception of the Quality of Experience through the injection of artificial traffic into Data and VoiP networks, which emulates the experience of the end user



General purpose Analytics and Automation Analytics & Automation

Solutions that implement the “Closed Loop”: the data collected by an environment are analyzed using advanced logic to identify the appropriate or necessary actions to solve problems and address improvements on the environment itself

Process Automation Process Automation

It automates the execution of sequences of manual operations considered repetitive, subject to errors, not performed in a standard manner or with pre-established times

Hybrid Cloud Automation Hybrid Cloud Automation

Automation solutions for Hybrid-Multi-Cloud environments with centralized tools capable of operating in a unified way even in heterogeneous contexts, geographically distributed and subject to evolutionary dynamics

Testing automation Testing Automation

E2E Service Testing Automation Solutions through the application of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methodologies

Telco oriented Network Automation Network Automation

IP Network Automation, Access, Transport, in Software Defined Network logic for software control and network programmability, with use case of Network and Service Creation, migrations

Edge Cloud Automation Edge Cloud Automation

Edge Node automation, in MEC (Multi Access Edge Computing) architectures orchestrated with MEAO (Mobile Edge Application Orchestrator)

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