Banking and insurance

The evolution of banking and insurance services, into a model dominated by long-distance relationships with customers, is a reality today. Internet and mobile banking have become the main way for the public to access services. Banks and insurance companies have the need to provide customers with the highest quality and usability of services, which may be used in times and places that are increasingly diverse. It is therefore strategical to invest in new technologies to improve customer loyalty, while reducing operational costs.
The innovation of TLC and IT systems enables new business models. For example, customers must be guaranteed direct access to the virtual branch, even from mobile, to perform innovative operations, and not just to perform traditional operations in a different way. The back-office of the bank turns into a Virtual Workspace with an Intranet that is capable of providing the staff with information and services that allow them to perform their operations even in Smart Working mode.
The adoption of innovative technologies in itself is not enough: the competitive advantage is built from the ability to coordinate technologies with organizations and processes, thus creating a close link with the business, the strategies and enterprise’s culture.
Combining proprietary products with best-of-breed technologies, Italtel provides solutions in many areas: Mobile Banking, Smart Working, Remote Expert, Virtual Workspace, Customer Engagement.
  • SUCCESS STORY - Vulnerability Management for a large banking institution
  • SUCCESS STORY - Network Security Assessment

With Italtel banks can:

  • expand the offer to their customers with increasingly advanced services
  • respond effectively to changes in the competitive scenario
  • satisfy the need to reduce costs
  • satisfy the need to reduce costs
  • ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality
  • renew the business models


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