Coronavirus emergency: Italtel joins the team building Fiera Milano Hospital

Not a field hospital but rather a specialized hospital – inaugurated on March 31, the new facilities built in two of the Milan Fair pavilions were carefully designed to be a ‘fortress’ with optimal areas, structures, equipment and assistance.

In a race against time that lasted less than 10 days, the Lombardy Region invited Policlinico di Milano, which in turn brought together a group of companies, each with their own specific ICT skills applicable to the healthcare field. This group of companies – which included Italtel – responded with enthusiasm and offered their skills and products pro bono.

Italtel has been working with Policlinico di Milano and Fondazione Ospedale Maggiore for many years now, carrying out several projects to upgrade and modernize communication infrastructure in numerous healthcare facilities across Lombardy. For this new project, Italtel was asked to collaborate on infrastructure and networking aspects.

For all intents and purposes, the new hospital is a sort of detached Policlinico wing. Once the work has been completed, it will be equipped with 208 ICUs spread over 28 modules, each with 7 to 8 beds, as well as 14 service blocks for equipment and medical/paramedical staff.

It was necessary to build an efficient and reliable network infrastructure upon which to base applications, equipment, health services such as clinical records, and communication and monitoring systems. Furthermore, we have also designed a safe connection to Policlinico’s existing infrastructure for the transmission and sharing of information, services, applications.

For Italtel, the experience gained while building the infrastructure of several hospitals or designing complex infrastructure in urgent and critical conditions (such as Expo 2015 or the G7 Summit in Taormina) has proved invaluable. Thanks to our engineering and professional service teams, we were able to design and implement the new infrastructure in the shortest possible time, overcoming the many challenges associated with working in an emergency.

“Like the other companies comprised in the team, each of them devoted to a particular aspect of the complex project of setting up a hospital in record time, Italtel has also felt it necessary to offer its services free of charge as a contribution to the community and out of a sense of social responsibility at this time of emergency for our country”, said Italtel Public Sector Manager Giovanni Salerno. “Special thanks go to all Italtel employees involved in this venture, about a dozen of them, who have shown great professionalism and dedication in such an important project.”

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