Cyber security: SARA ASSICURAZIONI enhances network and security with Italtel

The insurance company chooses the cloud to rationalize and develop its infrastructure and security services based on Cisco technology

Milan, October 13, 2020 – Sara Assicurazioni, an insurance company operating in Italy with over 500 branches, 1500 points of sale and about 650 employees, has entrusted Italtel with the project for the development of its network infrastructure and cloud-based security services.

The project was awarded with a 5-year contract, following an enterprise license agreement model, for the replacement of the complex set of pre-existing multivendor solutions with a bundle of Cisco products complemented by the development of technologies, customizations and engineering services provided by Italtel engineers in order to adapt the system itself to the specific needs of the customer.

The complexity of this project is mainly linked to the heterogeneity and technological layering of the cybersecurity solutions that had been previously implemented, consisting of a variety of products that were difficult to integrate with each other.

The solution created by Italtel uses the most advanced analysis and machine learning systems to offer maximum protection against malware and viruses. It is based on the full range of Cisco products – from the client, to the infrastructure, to the edge of the network – and this ensures an easier integration between components, a greater uniformity and an ideal level of security.

We have chosen a holistic approach to security management, where each element implements countermeasures to any attacks and at the same time communicates to the other systems what it has detected, so that all the systems in the network can also apply countermeasures, in a distributed logic – comments Luigi Vassallo, Director of Technological Innovation and Processes of Sara Assicurazioni. “Italtel, with its skills and the choice of Cisco technologies, has proved to be a valid partner in the complex transformation path of the network infrastructure and IT security, for the benefit of our services and end customers”.

The project created for Sara Assicurazioni is highly innovative, both in terms of the cloud-based products used, and in terms of the characteristics of the contract, based on monthly fees, which guarantees the customer all the expected security services as well as the ongoing design services, configuration and customization of the solution provided by Italtel Cyber Security Engineering, engaged in the immediate and flexible management of the changes and additions that will be necessary during the life of the project, as an important success factor in such dynamic contexts“, comments Stefano Pileri, CEO of Italtel.

Sara opted for a hybrid cloud solution with access to management services in the Cisco Cloud and where the elements of the Identity Services Engine (ISE) solution are virtualized in a proprietary Data Center in the headquarters in Rome.

SARA takes a very innovative outlook and is giving a cloud-oriented approach to all its ICT services. In 2019 it was awarded by Amazon Web Services as one of the first Italian accounts to move their applications, including critical ones, directly to the cloud.


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