Italtel joins the Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

In the 5G market, the number and type of players are destined to increase, but it is already clear that the effort to make this technology truly productive and pervasive is to interpret the request, partly unexpressed, which comes from the individual markets involved, the “verticals”, and direct it towards solutions which, in different forms, all revolve around the concept of Private Mobile Networks.

There is also a need to identify a reference blueprint in terms of architectures and solutions, with the related operational best practices, thus mitigating the effects of the fragmented nature of the solutions today in field. In fact, it is precisely this fragmentation that makes it difficult today to scale and make efficiency, objectives of every Industry that aims to reach a stage of maturity.

Silvia De Fina, Head of 5G Engineering and Business Development, comments our position: “we think that it is still the moment in which it is important to maintain a level of collaboration between players who normally compete and that’s why Italtel, as Advanced System Integrator, has decided to become an integral part of the TIP, the Telecom Infra Project, which operates as a pre-competitive platform in the public and private 5G offer market.

It is a community that includes hundreds of participating companies, from service providers and technology partners to integrators, including other players with various interests in connectivity.

The common goal of all TIP participants is to work together to develop, test and implement open, disaggregated and standards-based solutions that deliver high-quality connectivity. Italtel will also bring a contribution of experience and know-how in favor of the standardization of the 5G ecosystem.

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