Internet of Things Summit Milano

Redesigning industries and enterprise in a world of connected objects

IoT paradigm is acquiring a more and more strategic role in enterprises and marketplaces. It enables the integrations between physical and virtual elements, intensifying the intrinsic value of the objects and innovating enterprises go-to-market dynamics.
Thanks to IoT, ICT becomes an enabling factor of the real economy, creating new applications and new scenarios for digital technologies, renewing and redesigning the roles and the boundaries of the enterprises and of the industries.
IoT can exploit the value of data generated from interconnected objects that can be analize by new big data digital technologies. Data monetization for IoT is strategic and can change business models and create new competitive advantages.

These are only some of the topics that will be presented and discussed at the Internet of Things Summit 2016 – Redesigning Industries and Enterprise in a World of Connected Objects, with analysts, experts, ICT companies and end users. Stefano Pileri,  Italtel CEO takes part at the event with a speech “Italian strategy for Industry 4.0”

link to the agenda

June 16,2016
Nhow Hotel 
Via Tortona 35, Milano


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